Ramadan & Manchester

September 17, 2007 at 8:32 pm (Kuwait, Manchester, Personal, Travel)

I can’t believe how I had changed since Ramadn started. Although it’s been 5 days, my attitude and behaviour have dramaticly changed, for the Better! Drawn into Ramdan’s rituals, closer to Allah through his book & Prayers and praying Taraweeh in the mosque, It’s so magicl, Subhan Allah… Someone mentioned that we should be selfish with our relationship with our God in this month, a month devoted to him, him and only him.

I’m in Manchesterat the moment, hence the busy days that I had previously, and I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the cold rainy weather… Actaully,I miss the religious atmosphere, The Ramadani Atmosphere,  in Kuwait. Unless you are in my position, you can’t understand my feelings.


In Kuwait’s Airport’s and while I was waiting for my plane in one of the gates, a women is screaming and crying loudly. She looked phillipino and what cemented my assumption is her loud cries ..’Where’s my money??’ she said. Standing next to her, a Kuwaiti man raised his hand and shouted ‘Shut Up’, She continued begging for her money.. He said ‘Tomorrow’, She cried more and started cursing and shouting in her language.. The gate opend , so I proceeded to my plane and before I leave, I saw the Kuwaiti man leaving embarresed-I wish- (How did he manage to enter the Gate’s room without a boarding ticket)!! and another man giving that maid ‘I assume’ 1 Kuwati Dinar. It was a sad scene, where this woman’s rights seemed not existed ?


Al-Etihad airways served Ham Hotdogs, prepared according to the islamic law…in their breakfast, (Shock–Shock)…



Enjoy Fasting .. I’m off to my Taraweeh now …

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Pure Rudeness

September 10, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Kuwait, Personal)

I’ve been very busy lately. Well.. Ramadan is 2-3 days away which means alot for me and my family. My last encounter with Ramadan in Kuwait was 5 years ago so it nice to spend this spiritual and qaulity time with my loved ones in this amazing Kuwait. ^_^

Anyway, my Aunt’s father-in-law died few weeks ago (Before Thailand), and Masha-allah, most Kuwaiti families nowadays schedule religious/spiritual sessions-lectures in a weekly basis so as to aid the mourning and provide closure. This family is no exception, and so I went yesterday to one of their sessions. The lady who came to lecture us .. Mrs Kholoud Al-Sa’eed, did an amazing job and she prepared the perfect topic; ‘How to enjoy Ramadan ?’, Her presentation skills were very good and she made a nice warmly atmosphere whome we all enjoyed, Masha-allah ..  and I did learn alot from this 1 hour.

Towards the end, 15 minutes before Mrs. Kholoud Finished her session, a woman, Obviously very late -Talking about 40-50 minutes late- entered the room. I will try to picture the scene, women were sitting on chairs & Sofas.. When a woman enter the room, one of the family’s daughters/girls would be asked to stand up to give her chair to the late arrival, the scene was repeated few times until all the girls were on the floor and no chair was left. Additionlly, the session is already finished , so who would come unless she/they wanted to participate in eating later that evening!! (Why don’t they stay at their home ?)

Back to that late woman … what happened? One woman, Shouted at me like I’m a school-girl and ordered me to give my seat up. I was shocked, I’m your visitor and you order me like a child of yours. I know that I don’t like 23 years old because of my short height (150cm) , but still, that’s not a respectful way of treating a visitor who came to show his/her support for your family,for God sake!! Would anybody do that for their visitors? There were girls younger than me in the hall but they were wearing Abaya, so No… she can’t order them around because they are women but she knew how to  shout at me in front of everybody. Ironicly, she wasn’t even the host , and the woman who took my chair was barley 10 years older than me…

I’m not agaisnt the priniciple, I do gave up my seat for old people in the bus, waiting seating areas and so on, but when you have a healthy young lady, rude enough to be late -very late- and didn’t even bring any food with her, who has to be seated immediatly, no matter what, is so disgusting!!! What’s the problem if she stood up and listened, will that kill her?

I’m annoyed at the way I was treated, just because I’m short…that doesn’t give you the right to order me around like I’m your kid or something. That’s really heartful.. I’m proud of the way I look, I’m happy, I know that I don’t look my age which is a benefit when it comes to my aging process… Thank you God.. I will age gracefully ensha-allah… Why do people judge you by the way you look?

I don’t have this problem in the UK, no body will treat me differently if they know I’m 16 or 50… but in Kuwait, it’s a different situation.

What did I do; Nothing … Just a beautiful simle with a sympathetic look towards this woman!

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Maternity Hospital …

September 7, 2007 at 8:03 pm (Kuwait, Personal)


My poor little cousion who is 14 years old, collapsed as she suffered severe blood loss 2 weeks ago. I visited her yesterday in the Maternity Hospital where she is being treated at the moment. She was given 2 units of blood, but until now. The doctors can’t figure the reason behind her blood loss and the associated Anemia that she developed. For 2 weeks, the bleeding didn’t stop and the poor girl is in pain most of the time. The doctors don’t know how to stop the pain and the blood loss. The treatment so far was changing her diet!!!!

What scared me, is that they gave her contraceptive pills so as to stop the bleeding!! No offence, but Contraceptive pills for a 14 years old girl!!! They are suspecting menorrhagia; heavy menstrual bleeding. It is caused by hormone imblance in adolescence, but the poor thing, contreceptive pills is a drastice step .. It breaks my heart to see her like this.


Yesterday, We set off at 4.28 PM so that we can visit her at the hospital. When did we arrive? 1 hour and 3 minutes later …  Busy Streets and the schools haven’t started yet..

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Jarir Bookstore (Dentistry vs Pleasure)

August 15, 2007 at 7:31 pm (academic, Kuwait, Personal, Shopping, Travel)

I went yesterday to Jarir Bookstore to look and buy new novels/books because I’m leaving tomorrow morning to ……. Thailand .. Yes, I’m going for 2 weeks approximately .. My lovely uncle invited me, mother & my little brother to go with him and his family .. 15 people are going so enshall-allal it will be fun !!!.. My Daddy (>_<) won’t come because of his work commitments!!!  Next time Ensha-Allah ..

Anyway .. Back to Jarir.. As I was looking for this and picking that… My dental instincts guided me to the dental books’ section… My immediate reaction: Call my dad (Who was looking at some PC accessories) .. Showed him my discovery ….Drop all the novels I picked, and Pick 3 Dental books … Oh .. The Geek ego won over the normal Hessah >_<


P.S.: I will try to find an internet access so I keep you updated with my Journey ..If Not, I will be back on the 1st of Sept,07 ….

Have a nice time , till then …. ^_^

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Arni …In Kuwait

August 14, 2007 at 12:13 pm (Kuwait, News)


Yes.. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is visiting Kuwait, reported Arabtimes today

No, He’s not here to star in a movie, nor directing a movie. I doubt that Kuwait will ever be a hollywood destination. (Sigh!!)

 .. He’s visiting Kuwait in an official trip as the Governor of California. He is scheduled to meet the directors’ board of Kuwait Cahmper of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and several businessmen. Why would he come for this ? What did the private sector did to Kuwait? Most of the Kuwaiti businessmen invesments are aborad …!!! Did I mention that a number of businessmen from California are palning to accompany the Governor … As Victoria Backham says .. it’s Major, expect to read about deals…

No date had been announced for his arrival …

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Bottom First

August 10, 2007 at 6:51 am (Humor, Kuwait, News)


No, The picture wasn’t photoshopped. In London, builders who were hired to demolish this building, decided to start from the bottom (Ground +Lower floors), as you can see from the above picture. It’s amazing how the demolishing site didn’t affect the surrounding area, and everybody seem not bothered/not interested with the building and the way it was demolished===>Check the guy in the picture ^_^…

If that location was not London… but Kuwait!! Do you think that we would have smooth traffic without accidents for 1 month in one of our busiest streets? I doubt that !!!>_<

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August 4, 2007 at 10:10 pm (Cartoon, Humor, Kuwait, News)


A talented artist.. Mr. Adel Al-Qallaf

With his brush, he drew what I wanted to write…

Check Mr.Adel’s blog(Arabic) for further Kuwait-related works .


 Today: we reached the Red zone, The electricity was cut for few seconds and it’s only the begining of August!!

 Are we going to be threatened in an everyday basis as It’s getting ridiculously out of control. It’s really hot and we need A/C .. Do they want us to dehydrate?!?!

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Cinema: GO or Not TO GO

July 31, 2007 at 1:16 pm (Kuwait, Lifestyle, Movies, Personal)

I have never been a fan of ‘The Simpsons’ but If I came acros it on tv, I would leave everything and freeze inforn on the TV until the end of the episode. As everyone aware of the film’s release worldwide (which include Kuwait), Do you think I should bother watch it in Kuwait? I’m not a mall person, I’d rather spend time with my family strolling the beach, go to the farm togother and have quality time rather than visiting the mall like most kuwaitis. So, to go out with a group.. It’s movies time and at the moment.. there is nothing worth to spend money on. Fracture/Harry Potter/ Vacancy/ Stupid arabic movies and a couple of indian movies.. That’s what’s currently available, which is pathetic in a country with over 30 screens… My only option is ‘The Simpsons’ which I know for a fact will be censored and it’s running time will be reduced by 30 minutes minimum…


On a side note: why did they block a number of torrents sites again ??? and why the internent speeds here is very slow.. I  have DSL (512 kps) and I’m already complaning to my father in a daily basis ..

Tarsheed, slow internet , hot+ humid weather …. It’s too much *_*

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Nando’s & Kuwait !!

July 24, 2007 at 1:15 am (food, Kuwait, Lifestyle, Restaurant)

Nando’s restaurants are one of the best restaurants that specialize in chicken (Not burgers, Thanks God) around the Globe. Well, that’s what I think anyway! I love their recipes that range from salads to grilled chicken. In addition to veggie burgers to our vegetarian friends. Didn’t I mention their specialized sauces. they vary from very hot, hot, medium & lime + herbs. Love it!  The food is tasty, fresh and pleasant especially under the dim lights with your friends ( A cozy feeling).  I don’t want to give a history lesson about the franchise but what’s bothering me, is that all most of the Arabic gulf countries have Nando’s Branches. That include; UAE, Qatar, Oman & KSA. Where is Kuwait from the list? I understand that the Burger industry is ridiculously escalating in Kuwait but why can’t we have well established restaurants being integrated within our community. It does hurt when my non-Kuwaiti friends talk about Kuwait inability or lets say lack of decent restaurants and in the same time, some Kuwaiti business man announce to the world that he’s opening ‘Hooters’ in Dubai. Well, We had a heated discussion today and I didn’t know what to say about that? They laughed, I was angry but I couldn’t reply because of that headache which wouldn’t go away. I’m thinking too much about my flight and I’m starting to feel agitated which is normal for me before any flights I take. I really hate flying. Anyway, Have you tried Nando’s? and if you tried it, Do you think that it should be opened in Kuwait anytime soon? And what’s your opinions in opening a new restaurants in Kuwait? Do you think it’s healthy attitude/ approach?My opinion is a little biased because I like Nando’s… although I think it’s funny how each country embrace different objects/ things ? In Kuwait, we love Café and restaurants; let’s not forget malls as well. In UAE, huge towers are being built and amazing fascinating resorts. In Qatar, A combination of what Kuwait & UAE are doing.

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The Friends’ Ship …

June 27, 2007 at 10:00 pm (Anime, Kuwait)

One of my all time favourites .. Ranin and her search to find ‘Yanboo3 El-7ayat‘ .. I still remember myself sitting with my beloved Dad on the sofa and watching this classic Anime & We still continue our tradition of watching this series every year. Ensha’allah , when I return to Kuwait in July .. we’ll begin the usual routine … I love those old memories..

It’s a shame, that the Cinema’s department in KTV stopped dubbing animes after the Iraqi occupation, they were faithful to the original and the actors were good. Maybe it wasn’t as productive as they thought but what I don’t understand is …Why don’t they show it on TV ?

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