Jarir Bookstore (Dentistry vs Pleasure)

August 15, 2007 at 7:31 pm (academic, Kuwait, Personal, Shopping, Travel)

I went yesterday to Jarir Bookstore to look and buy new novels/books because I’m leaving tomorrow morning to ……. Thailand .. Yes, I’m going for 2 weeks approximately .. My lovely uncle invited me, mother & my little brother to go with him and his family .. 15 people are going so enshall-allal it will be fun !!!.. My Daddy (>_<) won’t come because of his work commitments!!!  Next time Ensha-Allah ..

Anyway .. Back to Jarir.. As I was looking for this and picking that… My dental instincts guided me to the dental books’ section… My immediate reaction: Call my dad (Who was looking at some PC accessories) .. Showed him my discovery ….Drop all the novels I picked, and Pick 3 Dental books … Oh .. The Geek ego won over the normal Hessah >_<


P.S.: I will try to find an internet access so I keep you updated with my Journey ..If Not, I will be back on the 1st of Sept,07 ….

Have a nice time , till then …. ^_^


  1. chikapappi said,

    Hope you have a safe journey o have fun 🙂 Jareer prices are a bit too much o don’t always have everything

  2. "GreY" said,

    I hope the weather will be nice to you , it’s raining heavy there …anyways if i dont see ya [blog] , i know you are enjoying vacation …. have fun , safe jouney

  3. Rayboy said,

    Dentistry as easy reading …. i think you will be imagining “teeth” when you read!!!

  4. Hessa said,

    Thanks sweety, and El-Himidillah it was a nice trip .. I agree with you .. A novel can cost 3.5 KD in the UK and sometimes it is less that that.. In Jareer we are talking about a minimum of 4 KD.. The have a KILLER location though …

    It was humid, dry and very hot … The weather didn’t help unfortunately, but It was fun and very different from what I’m used to .. Thanks grey…

    I hope not,,, Yes, I enjoy what I do but I don’t want to dream about it as well.. >_<

  5. Bashar said,

    Jarir Bookstore is large, but is not updated for my topics at least. Computer books are hardly updated and mostly old and not good books. Amazon shopping is better and a lot cheaper 🙂

  6. Hessa said,

    What I like about Jarir is it’s location and the various products that they sell that don’t have to be books only… Amazon is amazing but when you think of buying from Amazon.co.uk, you will know that are so lucky to have Jarir, Believe Me…
    Evereytime I access Amazon.com and select few items… The site transfer me to the UK version and Oh Boy.. I’m lucky all the time… It’s either that I have to pay extra per each item because of for my geographical location or half of the books are not available in UK version .. It’s annoying …

    Thanks for participating Bashar … and welcome !! ^_^

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