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June 27, 2007 at 10:00 pm (Anime, Kuwait)

One of my all time favourites .. Ranin and her search to find ‘Yanboo3 El-7ayat‘ .. I still remember myself sitting with my beloved Dad on the sofa and watching this classic Anime & We still continue our tradition of watching this series every year. Ensha’allah , when I return to Kuwait in July .. we’ll begin the usual routine … I love those old memories..

It’s a shame, that the Cinema’s department in KTV stopped dubbing animes after the Iraqi occupation, they were faithful to the original and the actors were good. Maybe it wasn’t as productive as they thought but what I don’t understand is …Why don’t they show it on TV ?


  1. The D man said,

  2. Hessa said,

    The D Man;

    I know the site, It’s already on my Favorites panel .. These songs remind me of my childhood…1/2 Ba6al, Saham El-Fatha2, Grendizer and so many others … I’m glad that I was born in the golden era … I’m a golden 80’s, not a Space-Toon Brat …Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The D man said,

    Hah “digital kids.” I hate that. I remember wady ilaman, I dunno why I liked it.. There was this little girl forgot her name, she used to be really fast and usually appears from nowhere she was freaky/scary. Jongar all the way!

  4. Hessa said,

    I agree with you, this generation is all about CGI and special effects. It’s not about the story anymore, Now everything depends on how good it looks. Thanks ‘Lords of The Rings’ !!! Abb6al El-Digital .. what a train wreck, I love my Duke Fleed ,
    By the way, I noticed that all the boys have a soft spot for Wadi Al-Aman !! Why is that? Even my own brother loves Wadi Al-Aman, and he loves Re7lat 3anaba as well. The fast girl is ‘Mai’.. She was so funny with her red ugly dress !!

  5. The D man said,

    Lol wadi ilaman is such a fantasy world, It’s amazing! i dunno why… I love sally as well! used to watch it 24/7 lol ok ok I was just kidding about that but no really. Aaah yes Mai freaky bad fashioned entity. Sayeda ml3aqa was special too, a bit boring though but I enjoyed her adventures. The intro song was classic! Btw what happened to ilnisr ilthahaby? They reached episode 2378472378423 yet? I hated that cartoon! It was the never ending cartoon!

  6. Hessa said,

    .. There has to be a link between ‘Wadi Al-Amaan’ and Men … It can’t be a coincidence.. Sally.. That’s a first.. It was so depressing.. I remember recording as many episodes as I could during lunch (After School) 10 years ago. Although Mai was painful to watch, her character with Amen (The human boy), Aman & his girlfreind and that kangaro.., basiclly the whole group was mazing, the storylines for each episodes were good and didn’t fail to keep us glued to the TV screen.. By the way, Do you remember ‘ Al-Bareda’ ?? *___* Now , that’s a memorable character…

    Sayeda Mal3aqa.. She was so nosy.. Can’t she stay at her home and be a normal housewife.. The old mouse, he was so funny .. He was my fav. .. I can’t remember the Intro song ????? OMG, I’m getting old .. I need to check it ASAP.

    Al-Nisr Al-Thahibi.. It was ok but noting special.. But it’s a classic .. Some cartoons/Animes deserve a second chance … I’ve been watching ‘Rana Al-Marha’ since I came to Kuwait … I was laughinh loudly at the basement .. This anime is pure genius .. The Dubbing/Doublaj (By the Kuwaiti TV) is a Top-Notch.. I can’t believe the fact that I still enjoy the show… Superman (This Superman … is one of his kind) and the 2 policemen ^__^ .. How could forget Miss Jamela and how does the ‘Al-Ostath’ facial expression/body wise change immediately to a handosme tall and thin whenever he sees her … Amazing

  7. The D man said,

    Nah I don’t recall albareda nor rana almarha… I miss those days ! The cartoons were much better than nowadays, I was flipping through the channels and I came upon KTV2 they had this 3D cartoon which was HORRIBLE. I’d rather watch a 20 yr old badly lip-synced cartoon than a low budget CGI cartoon.

  8. Hessa said,

    .. Well, With Wadi Al-Aman, They managed to dub 54 episodes only as I recall.. The Original had as many 250 episodes.. (I know, Shocking!!) and in spite of that, I doubt that any arabic channel showed the Full arabic version, so Pathetic. The problem with the new ones is their price. There are good quality japanese cartoons that are worth it but they are pricy to dub, we are talking about $1 Million for each episode, and that’s for a limited period license as well… Nobody is prepared to spend that much on a cartoon.. So, They go for the cheaper options.. If you are spending less, you should expect less.. >_<.. Oh 3ala Ayam ‘ Al-Baramiji El-Moshtarak’…They gave us gems …

    By the way, This is Rana:

    .. Wadi Al-Aman can be downloaded from an arabic site… but I don’t recall the name .. It’s low quality, 2 parts for each episode , each part is 20 MB.. I will update the post after asking my brother about the website name

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