Pure Rudeness

September 10, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Kuwait, Personal)

I’ve been very busy lately. Well.. Ramadan is 2-3 days away which means alot for me and my family. My last encounter with Ramadan in Kuwait was 5 years ago so it nice to spend this spiritual and qaulity time with my loved ones in this amazing Kuwait. ^_^

Anyway, my Aunt’s father-in-law died few weeks ago (Before Thailand), and Masha-allah, most Kuwaiti families nowadays schedule religious/spiritual sessions-lectures in a weekly basis so as to aid the mourning and provide closure. This family is no exception, and so I went yesterday to one of their sessions. The lady who came to lecture us .. Mrs Kholoud Al-Sa’eed, did an amazing job and she prepared the perfect topic; ‘How to enjoy Ramadan ?’, Her presentation skills were very good and she made a nice warmly atmosphere whome we all enjoyed, Masha-allah ..  and I did learn alot from this 1 hour.

Towards the end, 15 minutes before Mrs. Kholoud Finished her session, a woman, Obviously very late -Talking about 40-50 minutes late- entered the room. I will try to picture the scene, women were sitting on chairs & Sofas.. When a woman enter the room, one of the family’s daughters/girls would be asked to stand up to give her chair to the late arrival, the scene was repeated few times until all the girls were on the floor and no chair was left. Additionlly, the session is already finished , so who would come unless she/they wanted to participate in eating later that evening!! (Why don’t they stay at their home ?)

Back to that late woman … what happened? One woman, Shouted at me like I’m a school-girl and ordered me to give my seat up. I was shocked, I’m your visitor and you order me like a child of yours. I know that I don’t like 23 years old because of my short height (150cm) , but still, that’s not a respectful way of treating a visitor who came to show his/her support for your family,for God sake!! Would anybody do that for their visitors? There were girls younger than me in the hall but they were wearing Abaya, so No… she can’t order them around because they are women but she knew how to  shout at me in front of everybody. Ironicly, she wasn’t even the host , and the woman who took my chair was barley 10 years older than me…

I’m not agaisnt the priniciple, I do gave up my seat for old people in the bus, waiting seating areas and so on, but when you have a healthy young lady, rude enough to be late -very late- and didn’t even bring any food with her, who has to be seated immediatly, no matter what, is so disgusting!!! What’s the problem if she stood up and listened, will that kill her?

I’m annoyed at the way I was treated, just because I’m short…that doesn’t give you the right to order me around like I’m your kid or something. That’s really heartful.. I’m proud of the way I look, I’m happy, I know that I don’t look my age which is a benefit when it comes to my aging process… Thank you God.. I will age gracefully ensha-allah… Why do people judge you by the way you look?

I don’t have this problem in the UK, no body will treat me differently if they know I’m 16 or 50… but in Kuwait, it’s a different situation.

What did I do; Nothing … Just a beautiful simle with a sympathetic look towards this woman!


  1. chikapappi said,

    YEAH SMILE BABE – you’re a good girl 🙂

    1. I’m 158 & look like am 20, so I understand the suffering 😛
    2. It’s nice to attend these session – kepp it on
    3. Some women are naturaly rude – so let them go to hell! Just be YOU – assist o help 🙂
    4. Allah yer7am your uncle 😦
    5. How’s your cousin!
    6. YES some people go just to eat 😀

  2. "GreY" said,

    Mother Teresa , Gandhi , Charlie Chaplin … some of the famous short people !

    Probably the woman who screamed at you has brains in her knees .. Just ignore them …

    Next time … Stand up for yourself . .. this age and time ‘smiles dont work’

    Also please accept my condolences..

  3. rieaane said,

    Ooh, sad to hear or read your story 😦 but you know what I did when I encountered this kind of people, I just smiled sarcastically and prayed that someday somebody will treat them like the way they treated me. Some people here in Kuwait are really rude 😦

  4. Amu said,

    Just dont care what people say 🙂 we all know here that you are the best. Cheer up and have a great Ramadan tomorow.

  5. Ansam said,

    I would have left the room and went home without handing the chair! I dont accept this kind of treatment or maybe its just me.. I also can see myself staring at the lady who shouted at me and speak up politely to embarrass her!! MAN! SHE IS SO ANNOYINGLY RUDE!!!! and you are too nice sara7a.. mashalla 3alaich 🙂

    Usually when I go to 3aza I wear abaya on my shoulder and dont cover it all up my head, so my hair shows.. and its not like I have it in a certain style, usually in a pony tail or nicely straight down.. I was doing what I had to do o ga3da a3azzi and a lady told me, “chithi a7ad ye7e6 3abata? chithi dasha et3azeen nas?” so I smiled gelt laha “inshalla” bes she couldnt just stop right there, and continued her criticism, so I had to say something to make the line move so I told her in a very soft voice, “ee nafs banatkom illi wagfeen awal el 3aza kelhom labseen el 3ibi 3ala chtoof-hom o emsan3een sh3orhom bel salon” and I smiled o she was finally sakta LOL and I moved on 🙂

    I dont like to be judged on looks! this is so lame!

  6. manutdfanatic said,

    Hey there.

    I know it sounds like such a cliche, but apparently, the disgruntled lady who screamed at you hadn’t heard of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. She mistook you as someone much younger than you actually are on the basis of your height, and hence ordered you to give up your seat for the late-comer; says a lot about her, doesn’t it? Don’t bother getting worked up over such people; they don’t deserve two seconds of your time =).

    Experiences like the one you mentioned here are unnerving and annoying, but always remember that it is through experiences like these that you learn about the different kinds of people in the world. There are innumerable people like this uncultured woman on Earth, keep your chin up and take care of yourself in the future.

    P.S:-The blog layout looks fantastic =D.

    See you around!

  7. dynamic deeds said,

    I totally understand what you went thru, and it happiness here alot in social gathering.
    It is totally rude, and I hate it! ERRR..

    I guess we live and experience and LEARN. Hopefully when we will reach that age, we wouldn’t treat people younger than us with disrespect just because they are “YOUNGER” than us!


  8. Hessa said,

    … A killer weapon; that’s my smile ^_^.. You too !! Some poeple’s attitude is unrespectful but that’s life. I started to love these sessions, I learnt alot from these sessions.. I miss attending them, although I went to 2 only.
    He’s not my unlce, too old to be, Allah Yerhamah, he’s my cousin’s grandfather. My little cousin is El-Himidillah is Masha-Allah doing fine, the pills worked.Thanks for asking, honey.

    Thanks for the support, but in a situation like this, I didn’t want to cause a scene infront of everybody, by replying back… She’s a person that I feel sorry for, Wallah.. Why waste my time on people that I’m not going to be associated with, for the rest of my life…How’s the arm?

  9. Hessa said,

    I know what you mean, honey. I was angery and felt insulted, I did wish on that day that Allah well reward me ensha-allah. Our problem is that we don’t look at anything except looks and if elders said something we take it for granted without discussing other options.

    The incident saddened me but I lreant to let go of the past no matter how angery I am. ^_^ Besides, I believe that if you smile, everything around you is smilling; birds, trees, people & etc, but if you cry… You cry alone… Thanks alot for the support, my dear friend.
    P.S: I hope that everything is O.K. with you. Take care

    I re-winded what happened 60 times in my head and in each one, I’m acting differently, hehehe. I knew that If i responded, I would be seen as a rude person infront of everybody and in a plce where I don’t know 99% of the people, I wouldn’t do that.
    What a rude woman!! Now, that’s disgustingly rude as it’s none of her business. God, I hate this kind of atitude. Thanks for haring Ansam

  10. Hessa said,

    Welcome and thank you very much for the supoort and the advice. I tottaly agree with you as living in the past can have a negative effect in self-esteem and life in general which is not the attide I want to have in this society. On the other hand, I do beleive that these experiences teach lessons that can not be taught in schools; emotionly consuming and difficult to manage but I know these lessons made me the person I am now which I’m proud to be. Thanks for stopping by.

    Dynamic Deeds:
    Welcome Dynamic. I agree with you 100% and Ensha-Allah We will lead an example infront of our youths.

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