Bottom First

August 10, 2007 at 6:51 am (Humor, Kuwait, News)


No, The picture wasn’t photoshopped. In London, builders who were hired to demolish this building, decided to start from the bottom (Ground +Lower floors), as you can see from the above picture. It’s amazing how the demolishing site didn’t affect the surrounding area, and everybody seem not bothered/not interested with the building and the way it was demolished===>Check the guy in the picture ^_^…

If that location was not London… but Kuwait!! Do you think that we would have smooth traffic without accidents for 1 month in one of our busiest streets? I doubt that !!!>_<


  1. chikapappi said,

    that’s smart! In kuwait, I tell you what happens:

    1. Accidents from cars slowing down to see it
    2. Accidents from cars who pull over on the side to see it
    3. Bloggers going there to take pictures & blog about it 😛

    there’s more but i can’t think about it right now 🙂

  2. CeCe said,

    *LOL* Neat thought. 😛

  3. MiYaFuSHi said,

    Kinda cool how they managed to keep it up like that.

    So when does it fall?

  4. 'GreY' said,

    if its in kuwait ..the building would have fell half the way with all the remaining tenants in it [ cz they have cases pending in the court , but the owner decieds to demolish vacated flats ] :p

  5. Rayboy said,

    i dont think that would happen in Kuwait the way it is shown on the image.

    1. the owners would discuss about it ( that would be 1 month)
    2.then they would take 3 months to kick out the tenants.
    3. Then they would talk to the government (traffic,Muncipality)about it.
    4. Government will discuss over it for about 6 months
    5. All plans will be drawn and discussed /..another 5 months
    6. Groups will be formed and fought over

    7. owner will get fed up, bring one crane and break the whole thing.

  6. Hessa said,

    Welcome Chic and thanks for the participating in this post. When I read you name, I pronounced it ‘ChikaPika’ ===>No Hard feelings…^_^

    Hehehe, you are right … think of the traffic .. and No.3 is top-Notch.. Bloggers taking pictures, Bloggeres are becoming a storming force in Kuwait ….at the moment

    Yaeh, it is, but it’s too neat to be true..^_^

    Thanks for stopping by and welcome… The Building’s foundation, especially the core in the center of the building is very strong, strong enough to hold the whole building if it was stripped of the extra concrete. They are the plan is to knock the place from the top ( Few floors only) then the whole building in 1 go…

    your imagination can be very scary sometimes.. That will be a good movie script.

    Welcome. The scenario is about right.. This is Kuwait after all.. ^_^.. Thanks for stopping by

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