Ramadan & Manchester

September 17, 2007 at 8:32 pm (Kuwait, Manchester, Personal, Travel)

I can’t believe how I had changed since Ramadn started. Although it’s been 5 days, my attitude and behaviour have dramaticly changed, for the Better! Drawn into Ramdan’s rituals, closer to Allah through his book & Prayers and praying Taraweeh in the mosque, It’s so magicl, Subhan Allah… Someone mentioned that we should be selfish with our relationship with our God in this month, a month devoted to him, him and only him.

I’m in Manchesterat the moment, hence the busy days that I had previously, and I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the cold rainy weather… Actaully,I miss the religious atmosphere, The Ramadani Atmosphere,  in Kuwait. Unless you are in my position, you can’t understand my feelings.


In Kuwait’s Airport’s and while I was waiting for my plane in one of the gates, a women is screaming and crying loudly. She looked phillipino and what cemented my assumption is her loud cries ..’Where’s my money??’ she said. Standing next to her, a Kuwaiti man raised his hand and shouted ‘Shut Up’, She continued begging for her money.. He said ‘Tomorrow’, She cried more and started cursing and shouting in her language.. The gate opend , so I proceeded to my plane and before I leave, I saw the Kuwaiti man leaving embarresed-I wish- (How did he manage to enter the Gate’s room without a boarding ticket)!! and another man giving that maid ‘I assume’ 1 Kuwati Dinar. It was a sad scene, where this woman’s rights seemed not existed ?


Al-Etihad airways served Ham Hotdogs, prepared according to the islamic law…in their breakfast, (Shock–Shock)…



Enjoy Fasting .. I’m off to my Taraweeh now …


  1. chikapappi said,

    🙂 Am feeling good too & quiet & not so angry… good girl o taqabbal allah babe..

    7aram yeah, I hate when people are treated like this & I wish things would change…

  2. Amu said,

    Taqabal Allah …. but its sad when you see such incidents right before you are boarding your plane. I just hope things get better soon…

  3. GreY said,

    Some how your blog is not friendly to my comments .. every time i write something it shows 404 error .. anyways one more try [ from a different PC] … In my original comment i said

    Ham hot dogs ?

    Many years ago i saw a cop drag a handcuffed Phillipina at one of the Jawazath in Kuwait , he was kinda molesting her with his elbow … cant forget that scene .. it haunts me even today !

  4. rieaane said,

    So ite means that she is my kabayan! 🙂 hmmmm shame on that man! how dare him to act that way in this holy month!!!!?????????

  5. Amu said,

    rieaane: I agree with you on that but the Q is do people care about this month.. .. .. .. ??

  6. rieaane said,

    Amu, that’s the biggest Q there…i think only few people do 😦

  7. Sis 4 You said,

    Oh Mashallah, U can pray taraweeh in masjid. I just went to the mosque in years after my daughter. I went on fridday to masjid al kabeer for prayers n as it was the first time for my daughter she was very anxious. Eventually she wanted to pee right at friday jamaa time.:(

  8. eshda3wa said,

    taqabal allah

    galbe 3awarny 3ala the poor woman

    some people ae just heartless maykhafoon min allah

    he cant take his money to the grave
    but he will take his shameful act!

    Ham hotdogs … ya salaaaam!

  9. Blue Dress said,

    taqabal allah. i hope i get the same drift soon cause im going crazy!
    and about the phili* thats so sad indeed i hate when they do that mako qalB!

  10. ReKoO said,

    – Allah ywafgech inshallah!

    – It’s so sad to see those things happen in our country… allah kareem!

    – hotdog!? shaaaaay jameeeeel 🙂

  11. Hessa said,

    Well Done, chic .. Mena wo menich saleh Al-A’maal Ajma3een ,,Ramadan is a good disciplinry tool, Don’t you think ? ^_^
    Ensha-Allah , One day thinks will change … Very soon Ensha-Allah ..

    Mina wo Minak 9ale7 El-a3mal Ensha-Allah .. Tell me about it.. I thoght she had a mental disorder woman.. crying without a sound, like an animal inside a cage .. but then, her employer showed his true skin.. How could he do such a thing and in Ramadan !!!

    hehehhe, It’s not intentional… ^_^
    God. I don’t blame you.. Law officers who don’t reinforce the law and break it… Disgusting ..

    I know .. Disgusting and un-respectul. He was embarrassed infront of us, but not form Allah. I feel sorry for th poor maid, I don’t blame her if she won’t trust any Arab after this incident.

    El-Himidi-Allah ..Masha-Allah you took your daughter with you, I think it was overwhelming for her. Hehehehe ^_^ But the road to El-Masjid El-Kabeer can be annoying, and I doubt that my dad is patient enough considering the fact that everybody wants to pary there. ..

    Mina wo menach Ensha-Allah .. You are absolutely right… Wen ra7 yeroo7 min Allah.. I wish I have taken a picture of their minue but I was to tired to function which includes thinking.

    Ensha-allah,you will. ^_^ wo Taqabal llah mina wo menich 6al7 l-A3mal jma3een .. Ensha-Allah .. Yaeh!! tell me about it


    Where have you been, It’s seems that Univeristy is taking it’s toll.. Hehehe, I don’t blame you ..^_^ Good luck to you and yowafeqna Ajma3een.
    about the Ham Hotdogs: I was annoyed when it ws served .. First it ws Ramadan .. second it’s an arab airline, if it was the british airway, I wouldn’t care .. but not from Etihad Airways.. Maybe Emarits because it’s based on Dubai but not Eithad .. It was a shock for me to tell you the truth …

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