Cinema: GO or Not TO GO

July 31, 2007 at 1:16 pm (Kuwait, Lifestyle, Movies, Personal)

I have never been a fan of ‘The Simpsons’ but If I came acros it on tv, I would leave everything and freeze inforn on the TV until the end of the episode. As everyone aware of the film’s release worldwide (which include Kuwait), Do you think I should bother watch it in Kuwait? I’m not a mall person, I’d rather spend time with my family strolling the beach, go to the farm togother and have quality time rather than visiting the mall like most kuwaitis. So, to go out with a group.. It’s movies time and at the moment.. there is nothing worth to spend money on. Fracture/Harry Potter/ Vacancy/ Stupid arabic movies and a couple of indian movies.. That’s what’s currently available, which is pathetic in a country with over 30 screens… My only option is ‘The Simpsons’ which I know for a fact will be censored and it’s running time will be reduced by 30 minutes minimum…


On a side note: why did they block a number of torrents sites again ??? and why the internent speeds here is very slow.. IĀ  have DSL (512 kps) and I’m already complaning to my father in a daily basis ..

Tarsheed, slow internet , hot+ humid weather …. It’s too much *_*


  1. hammed said,

    I think you should go and see it. I’m not a fan of Simpsons either but I saw the trailer and I think the film is fun so I’m gonna watch it šŸ˜‰

  2. Carlsb3rg said,

    Exactly! how do these people go and spend hours at the mall! I only go to the movies if it’s a movie that should be watched with a big screen and loud surrond sound, otherwise I prefer to watch it on DVD. A friend of mine went to the Simpsons movie, he said it’s okay but the swearing is cut. Since when did they start censoring the swearing?

    I have no idea why the keep blocking/unblocking torrent sites, but a bunch of other sites are still open like and

  3. "Grey" said,

    Who said grass was greener on our side ? Welcome to Kuwait …. we all wait so should you hehe !
    Get your self a pirated simpson for nus dinar and watch at home unsenored ! thats what i am going to do ! . Its wrong Intelectual piracy and blah blah , with Kuwait censorship , why not ?

  4. rieaane said,

    Better watch it on DVD at home, they always cut interesting scenes on cinemas here in Kuwait šŸ˜¦

  5. Amu said,

    Welcome to kuwait šŸ™‚ you should be happy, you get all in one Tarsheed, slow internet , hot+ humid weather,hehe.btw I have never watched Simpsons, for some reason I have just never been attached to it.

  6. confashion said,

    I haven’t been to the movies here in Kuwait for such a loooong time and I don’t even miss it!

  7. Hessa said,


    I think the movie is worth the price , It managed to shock the box office in th US with a mere 70 million, so it should be good, but the problem is with the Kuwaiti cinemas?! Is it worth the effort? The last time, I watched a movie in a cinema was 5/6 years ago and it was Hanibal… I hated the experince >__<. I remember Fo’ad Al-Hashem 8/9 years, who wrote about the final *Kiss* scene between 2 animated characters in the movie ‘Bug’s life’ and what’s the reason behind cutting a scene in a Disney film..

    The poeple who are invloved with ‘Sites Blocking’ don’t have a resonable direction towards sites. One day, they block this, the next day the unblock it. It’s not a game, guys.


    I agree with you and ‘Carlsb3rg’… Either wait for the DVD or download the movie.. I’m not that keen on going to the cinema anyway. I think to praise my littel cousins, mu options is to watch some PG movie so that I will be 100% that I would get what I paid for.


    You too Rie ^_^. No body believes in the Kuwaiti Cinemas .. heheh


    Welcome back Amu,’El-7imdillah 3al El-Salama’, hope your vacation was nice and you had a good time.
    Tell me about it: 5 hours after I landed, our phone rang; a lady from the Tarsheed team was giving us advice about A/C.. I was surprised, I knew that the sitaution is serious , but how convenient that she calls hours after my arrival.. I can’t even describe the feeling.. Was that a warning sign because they anticipated my arrival?!?!

    So you are a neutral, then

    Welcome, Lady style , the blog isn’t as stylish as yours, but welcome ^_^
    So you partially agree with the rest..

  8. hammed said,

    re: simpsonize me

    it is bald because i am bald. i have such an ugly hair šŸ˜‰

    re: transformers

    those “vehicles” are the philippine version of transformers.

    re: dead poet’s society

    i agree with you! šŸ˜‰

  9. Hessa said,

    Hey Hammed.. I saved your blog; found it to be interesting ^_^

    … I do apologise if I offended you with my comment, I didn’t mean it, Loved the philippine vesrion of transformers.. I have shown them to every single person I know ^__^

  10. The D man said,

    I saw the simpsons, I’m not a big fan but I was impressed the movie was hilarious. They cut a few seconds off the movie. The actual run time is 87 mins but the kncc one is 86 mins. Oh the internet is crappy here, this is due to the geographical location; if the website you’re trying to access has its server based in the u.s. it’s much faster to access it in directly from the u.s. or even the u.k. in addition kuwait has a lot of internet traffic and less resources (it has only one fiber optics line that runs through to Riyadh) so that slows down the speed. Notice the huge slowdown when trying to access your university email? That’s because the server is in your university outside of Kuwait.
    Also, they don’t manually block the websites, there’s a filtering system; it has a list of words that might trigger the filter.. and as you know some torrent sites emphasize a lot on pornography.
    Anyhow you should definitely watch the simpsons ! it’s so hilarious, lots of puns.

  11. The D man said,

    Also (sorry for the double post but just remember this), you can easily bypass the filtering system by using a web proxy.
    Try this: just type in the torrent site and it ‘shall’ bypass it.

  12. Hessa said,

    .. Masha’allah ‘D’, you are very knowledgable. I didn’t know that we actually have Fiber optic here in Kuwait, but 1 and shared with KSA (in a way) is disappointing but it’s a start (Better than nothing!).. In the UK, I pay 30 pounds (that’s 17-18 KD per month ) for a cable internt subscription.. I just feel sorry for my father because I keep comparing the inetrnet here and there , What a difference?!?!

    The simpsons … I managed to download the movie, as nobody was interested in watching the Simpsons and to make the matter worse, my little cousins wanted to go with me, and their mother was not satisfied with my ‘ It’s not a kids movie’ speech .. She snapped back ‘ It’s a CARTOON, What’s the big deal ??’ .. I told my dad, I’m not going to expose 6 years kids to a movie that is targeted towards adults, and if I decided to go on my own, my aunt wouldn’t forget me … No point… So, Downloaded the movie , but still didn’t manage to find the time to sit down and watch it …( Busy- Busy and Busy )

    Thanks for the site, I would try it for sure … Thank you ^__^

  13. The D man said,

    Yeah and actually there are two, one to UAE as well. Plus, there is no cable in Kuwait the government for some reason didn’t allow it but I heard they will soon. There are already fiber optics available for residents in south surra (just up to 2mbps max). They’ll have to do some digging around to add those lines in other areas. The problem with DSL is its infrastructure, if you and your neighbor have DSL you actually share the bandwidth even though you two have different accounts; the same applies for a 1km radius. With cable or fiber optics… this doesn’t happen. That’s why you’re 1mbps cable is faster than that of a 1mbps DSL (plus the geo location, weaker cable, traffic previously mentioned). So it sucks to be an internet user in Kuwait =). Oh in the U.S. I actually pay 6 KD/month for a 1.5mbps cable plus 150 channels. I’m switching to a new service though, fiber optics 30mbps for 30KD/month this means I can download a full high quality movie in 2 minutes lol.

    LOl yes there are a few sexual insinuations but it’s rated PG :P. You have to watch it! make time, sit down and watch it. I’m a hardcore fan of family guy have you ever watched it?

  14. Hessa said,

    In Kuwait, it’s only DSL and they are not reasonably priced.. Annoyinly, I,live in Surra, but to my great luck Fiber Optics are not available, but only for South Surra… *_*

    It sucks very bad.. I agree with you, I was telling my dad about my worries about this issues, because Ensha-allah in a year time, I will graduate and I’m coming back to Kuwait for good.. ^_^ I hope they will sort all internet issues by the time I’m here .. (Dreaming, I know)

    hmm.. Now, 30mbs for 30 is good, In the UK, we do have problems with anything above 10mbs.. The limit at the moment is 8mbs.. Very low for an advanced country like UK..???

    I will try to accomedate ‘The simpsons’ into one of my das.. but I’ve been really busy, don’t have time to check my blog, because I have 7 millions things to do before the end of the week.

    Family Guy; Not a fan , but I do have fun watching it somtimes during my daily cleaning routine in the UK. I don’t even know the characters’ name… If it’s on TV when there is nothing else to watch, I may watch it..

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