Arni …In Kuwait

August 14, 2007 at 12:13 pm (Kuwait, News)


Yes.. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is visiting Kuwait, reported Arabtimes today

No, He’s not here to star in a movie, nor directing a movie. I doubt that Kuwait will ever be a hollywood destination. (Sigh!!)

 .. He’s visiting Kuwait in an official trip as the Governor of California. He is scheduled to meet the directors’ board of Kuwait Cahmper of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and several businessmen. Why would he come for this ? What did the private sector did to Kuwait? Most of the Kuwaiti businessmen invesments are aborad …!!! Did I mention that a number of businessmen from California are palning to accompany the Governor … As Victoria Backham says .. it’s Major, expect to read about deals…

No date had been announced for his arrival …


  1. chikapappi said,

    “I’ll be back”!

  2. CeCe said,

    I am not a fan of Arni but this is gonna be exciting. Madry laish, bs exciting!

    Ana killish mu 9ob el business.

  3. "GreY" said,

    Oh ! thats so cool ! Konan the Governer , i mean Arnie the GOV . …Will he say “Astalavista Baby”..or “i’ll Be back”

  4. "GreY" said,

    I’m having trouble to post comments again …. third try

    I heart Arnie …Arni for President …

  5. "GreY" said,

    I’m having trouble to post comments again ….

    I heart Arnie …Arni for President …

  6. Amu said,

    mmm I come from a business family, but need to find out when is he arriving and what I am curious about is why Kuwait?? Anyways like cece said I am not a fan of Arni but no harm in taking a look at him for a few seconds right 😀

  7. Rayboy said,

    I guess when he leaves Kuwait.. he wll look out of the Airplane Door and say

    ” i’ll be back !!!” with those mean eyes. :->

  8. rieaane said,

    Rayboy, ” i’ll be back !!!” with those mean eyes. :->” haha!

  9. "GreY" said,

    I’m having trouble posting comments again , anyways… if i get through this time just wanna say ‘I love you Arnie” …. Arnie for president 😛

  10. Sis 4 You said,

    Hi Chroma Trauma,

    I thought I should visit ur blog and say hi.

    Nice place…but unlike Bro..I am not only “not a fan of Arni” but also detest him.

  11. Hessa said,

    No confirmation from his camp.. Maybe it was a very low-key visit to the troops .., I don’t think he will come back but Hollywood’s Laws surprise me all the time … I’m back though ^_^

    Neither am I.. I liked him in Kindergarten Kid… That was one movie that I will rewatch without feeling bored … I just love it…

    Will Arni wear a swimming short, like Vladimir Putin (Of Russia )??.. It’s either a well toned body or 200 kg excess meat .. It’s Kuwait and we know the weather.. That’s the easiet thing he could do… .. Arni for President ?!?!?! Please no , He will wipe the humanity out of this planet … and we will fight aliens within his second year of his term …and maybe win the war in year 39675 … Please, no Testerone for the president… Go .. Mrs, Clinton ^_^
    As for the commenting issues,I really don’t know what to do as everything seem to be fine .. As fas as I know

    Good Thinkning … Who knows you might be able to secure a deal … I think he’s visiting the region , starting with Kuwait or he was going to Iraq…

    Hehehe.. He might do … but not for the next 20 years .. ^_^

    .. Poor Old Terminator … ^_^

    Sis 4 u:
    Hello, Amu’s little Sis.. You are welcome anytime.. You Detest him !!! Poor old man Why ?!!! >_<

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