Nando’s & Kuwait !!

July 24, 2007 at 1:15 am (food, Kuwait, Lifestyle, Restaurant)

Nando’s restaurants are one of the best restaurants that specialize in chicken (Not burgers, Thanks God) around the Globe. Well, that’s what I think anyway! I love their recipes that range from salads to grilled chicken. In addition to veggie burgers to our vegetarian friends. Didn’t I mention their specialized sauces. they vary from very hot, hot, medium & lime + herbs. Love it!  The food is tasty, fresh and pleasant especially under the dim lights with your friends ( A cozy feeling).  I don’t want to give a history lesson about the franchise but what’s bothering me, is that all most of the Arabic gulf countries have Nando’s Branches. That include; UAE, Qatar, Oman & KSA. Where is Kuwait from the list? I understand that the Burger industry is ridiculously escalating in Kuwait but why can’t we have well established restaurants being integrated within our community. It does hurt when my non-Kuwaiti friends talk about Kuwait inability or lets say lack of decent restaurants and in the same time, some Kuwaiti business man announce to the world that he’s opening ‘Hooters’ in Dubai. Well, We had a heated discussion today and I didn’t know what to say about that? They laughed, I was angry but I couldn’t reply because of that headache which wouldn’t go away. I’m thinking too much about my flight and I’m starting to feel agitated which is normal for me before any flights I take. I really hate flying. Anyway, Have you tried Nando’s? and if you tried it, Do you think that it should be opened in Kuwait anytime soon? And what’s your opinions in opening a new restaurants in Kuwait? Do you think it’s healthy attitude/ approach?My opinion is a little biased because I like Nando’s… although I think it’s funny how each country embrace different objects/ things ? In Kuwait, we love Café and restaurants; let’s not forget malls as well. In UAE, huge towers are being built and amazing fascinating resorts. In Qatar, A combination of what Kuwait & UAE are doing.


  1. shawal said,

    I agree… Nando’s is best…

  2. Carlsb3rg said,

    I think I heard somewhere it’s opening soon in the Avenues?

  3. Purgatory said,

    It should be opened in Avenues, if its the same guy who runs the Doha place, it will be lovely!!!

  4. MaXiE said,

    OMG i LOVE nandos! well i DID when i wasnt vegetarian.. o my God the spicy stuff and all the flavour YUM! it was sooo good they should TOTALLY open one here..

  5. 'GreY' said,

    Things have always been slow in Kuwait where as elsewhere its happening NOW !It’s like a race between rabbit and turtle …. I hope Turtle will win in the long run.. just a hope …. a tiny tiny molecule of hope …

  6. Hessa said,

    I didn’t think that there will be any response to this post because I didn’t think that Nando’s is well known in Kuwait.. you proved me wrong


    Welcome!! it seems that’s Nando’s has a fan base here.. I agree it’s quite good, fresh , delicious and it’s having a formal Subway .. Don’t you think??

    Carlsb3rg :

    Really, That will be a first.. I checked their website, there is no mention of Kuwait, but who know everything is possible.. Thanks for info and I hope it’s actually happening.


    I agree.. Never been to Doha but if it’s similar to the one I saw in Manchester, I will be satisfied. Thanks for stopping by.


    Join the club ^_^ The vegetarian dishes are not bad as well.. The grilled chicken is superb.. Hopefully, they will open one.


    Although the money is not an issue foor most of these businessmen and the fact that their is a potential market in Kuwait, it seems that these Kuwaiti (Horror X_X) businessmen prefer to invest in another countires. I don’t understand the concept behind such a thing. The only thing we can do is… Hope thing will change around here and who knows.. The turtle might win .. Who knows?!?!

  7. Sandman said,

    Nando’s is gonna open in avenues, next to chili’s and johnny rockets i couldn’t believe it when i saw the area closed off and their logo on the panels.

    I actually found this post while trying to find out if it’s open yet or not, need somewhere good to go for lunch god damn it!!

  8. Hessa said,

    Thanks for the Info.. Finally It’s happening .. It took ages to happen but at least it not going to be a dream anymore.. I agree with you.. We need decent places without being too formal.. Thanks for stopping by and sharing …^_^

  9. ikhgaeri[opafahio[' said,

    I Cant wait for Nandos!!! I owe my brother a mea

  10. Long Nose' said,

    I Cant wait for Nandos to comeout, I could smell it from a mile away.. From my VERY VERY VERY LONG NOOOOOSSSEEEEE!!!!! I owe my bro a meal at KFC, cause he is allergic to Nandos!!!

  11. JURGEN said,



  12. Hessa said,

    Hey and welcome.. Very interesting nickname, may I say .. Heheheh.. Glad that you would be ble to re-pay your debt .. ^_^

    Long Nose:
    ^_^.. Welcome , Well, I can smell a sub-way sandwich from a mile…. ,, Hopefully, you will treat him sooner than later.

    Welcome.. I love Per-Peri Sauce .. everytime I’m back to Kuwait .. I buy a number of their sauces from ASDA or Tesco … Can’t live without them … ^_^

  13. Moey said,

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