Nando’s & Kuwait !!

July 24, 2007 at 1:15 am (food, Kuwait, Lifestyle, Restaurant)

Nando’s restaurants are one of the best restaurants that specialize in chicken (Not burgers, Thanks God) around the Globe. Well, that’s what I think anyway! I love their recipes that range from salads to grilled chicken. In addition to veggie burgers to our vegetarian friends. Didn’t I mention their specialized sauces. they vary from very hot, hot, medium & lime + herbs. Love it!  The food is tasty, fresh and pleasant especially under the dim lights with your friends ( A cozy feeling).  I don’t want to give a history lesson about the franchise but what’s bothering me, is that all most of the Arabic gulf countries have Nando’s Branches. That include; UAE, Qatar, Oman & KSA. Where is Kuwait from the list? I understand that the Burger industry is ridiculously escalating in Kuwait but why can’t we have well established restaurants being integrated within our community. It does hurt when my non-Kuwaiti friends talk about Kuwait inability or lets say lack of decent restaurants and in the same time, some Kuwaiti business man announce to the world that he’s opening ‘Hooters’ in Dubai. Well, We had a heated discussion today and I didn’t know what to say about that? They laughed, I was angry but I couldn’t reply because of that headache which wouldn’t go away. I’m thinking too much about my flight and I’m starting to feel agitated which is normal for me before any flights I take. I really hate flying. Anyway, Have you tried Nando’s? and if you tried it, Do you think that it should be opened in Kuwait anytime soon? And what’s your opinions in opening a new restaurants in Kuwait? Do you think it’s healthy attitude/ approach?My opinion is a little biased because I like Nando’s… although I think it’s funny how each country embrace different objects/ things ? In Kuwait, we love Café and restaurants; let’s not forget malls as well. In UAE, huge towers are being built and amazing fascinating resorts. In Qatar, A combination of what Kuwait & UAE are doing.

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Restaurant Review: Yo! Sushi

July 20, 2007 at 8:40 pm (Manchester, Restaurant, Reviews)

For over a week, I wanted to go this restaurant/diner with a friend of mine and because of our different timetables, it was hard to find the most suitable time so that we can meet up and have a nice light lunch. Well, we managed to do it yesterday.

Let’s start with the location: It is located in the basement floor of Selfridges’s store in Manchester City Centre. Obviously, the location is not hard to miss, it’s in the City Centre, In one of the most respected stores in the UK, and is next to the Manchester Wheel; one landmark that you need to visit when you are in Manchester. Easy to find and very accessible: Checked. One thing that I found problematic (When I asks friends to join me) is the fact that is located in Selfridges’s so it is assumed (Most of the time) that you need to a budget to be able to dine there. No, you don’t. Yes it’s located in an expensive store but being located in it doesn’t influence the prices that this restaurant/diner offers.

What makes this place a nice place to get together and eat is the nice funky atmosphere. They system works as the follows; every plate has a price, no matter what’s on it. Actually every colour has a price. The cheapest plate start with 1.5£ (0.750 Fills) ascending to 5£ (2.5 KD). The Green plates are the cheapest whereas the grey is the most expensive colour (Which make it a No-No option). Notice the number of plates being used and check how many grey plates are present? Not that many, obviously due to their price tag. Moving to the service; as you noticed, its self serviced most of the time as you pick the food from the food slider in front of you, unless you want a cold drink or a hot soup. The staff were so friendly and very nice with us, and we were entertained by observing the chefs’ preparing the dishes. I took a number of pictures and they didn’t mind at all.


Now, we are moving to the most essential feature of any restaurant. That is, quality of food. As you noticed from the name; it’s a Sushi Diner, and as result, they cook different types of Sushi. Some of you might want to know how good the Sushi’s were?? Well, I’m not a sushi person. Yes, I did go to a sushi place and I didn’t eat any sushi so I can’t comment on them. On the other hand, my friend tried vegetarian Sushi and she was pleased with it. I think I need to mention, that in a separate occasion, I went with my dear brother to this diner and he didn’t leave without tasting as many Sushi’s as possible (and It did annoy me, mind you) and he didn’t dislike any. He was praising one and indulging in another, so I would assume they were good. So, what did I try? I tried Chicken Salad which was scrumptious, a squid with garden rocket (I loved the texture of the squid.. Fantastic) and then there was the mouth watering Pumpkin Karaoke[I think that was the name of the dish] (Picture of the dish was taken) … which I loved especially with the hot sauce ,, Tasty. Last but not least; A diet Coke… Well, It was hot outside and I did need something cold. My friend tried The Squid and the Pumpkin after I recommended them, she loved the pumpkin but she was not as enthusiastic with the squid, as I was. She tried some kind of Vegetarian Sushi with Avocado that was OK and Miso soup. After 2 hours of chatting, observing, taking pictures and eating, we paid the bill that was very reasonable … Mine was 10 Pounds (5 KD) and my friend was 12 pounds (6 KD) which was not bad considering the place and what we ate.

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