Rieaane’s ‘Yang Chow Fried Rice’

July 9, 2007 at 11:37 pm (Food & Cooking)

I came across this recipe from Rieaane‘s Blog and I decided that it deserves a try.

The ingredients can be found in almost every house with easy to follow steps so as to create a very tasty and a delicious dish. What caught my eyes were the eggs as I never tried mixing rice with eggs. I didn’t follow the recipe precisely, I had to do a bit of adjustments, like using one type of soy sauce, rather that using 2 types (light & dark). I didn’t have beef and shrimps as well, so I used vegetables instead, eg: Mushrooms & potatoes. I would love to try it with shrimps as I love their taste. I need to go to the supermarket and buy some ASAP. Anyway, I did take a picture , it’s not as bright as it should be. Well my excuse was that I was hungry and I wanted to try the dish rather than taking a picture especially after a long tiring day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Food & Media

July 9, 2007 at 12:34 am (Food & Cooking, Health)

– Did you know that, because of Jamie Oliver, a national (UK) asparagus shortage was declared in 2006.

– 2000 people a week turn vegetarians in the UK (a 2006 Survey).

-In Japan, Coca Cola is linked with beauty product company ‘Shiseido’ to make a grapefruit and seaweed beauty drink with a matching hydrating body spray!!!

– Blueberries sales were increased after they were found to be super rich in antioxidants and to have memory-boosting and cholesterol fighting powers ..

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Calories Horror!!!

June 21, 2007 at 1:33 am (Food & Cooking, Kuwait)

Chili’s – Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie

Yahoo.com reported that this dessert contains 1600 calories!!! Considering the fact the Kuwait is so hot now, I assume that restaurant diners won’t be fulfilled without ending their indulgence with fine cold desserts.. Unfortunately, We ‘The consumers’ are not aware of the nutritional details of every single meal that we have outside our home. I’m one of many customers that would love to indulge there selves with a dessert every now and then.. But 1600 calories, 78g fat, 950mg sodium, 215g carbs, 6g fiber and 19g protein is not acceptable. Well, it can be all right if you didn’t eat anything for the day and if you are a man!!! (Just Joking) It’s still not healthy. No doubt the obesity rates are increasing world wide. Hence, the diabetes rates across the globe, as restaurants and even super-market continue to provide us with their special desserts and sauces that we keep coming back for. The sad part is that we; the consumers, are obsessed with anything healthy, or it seems/looks healthy. Low Fat, Healthy, Diet and reduced calories are the magical words for any business that craves for success in the food business.The question is, If you found that your favorite dish is a health risk, would you stop/ try to decrease your consumption and?? and by health risk, I mean something excessive and can be unhealthy. Or will you be one of those who believe that you only live once and you have to enjoy life beyond the limits? 

What are you going to choose?

 Life and its pleasures with possible dangerous consequences!!! OrHealth that would keep you fit and well with no possible joy and/or guilt of that odd yummy nibble?

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Thai Rice

June 8, 2007 at 7:49 pm (Food & Cooking)

I Love Thai restaurants , I try to persuade family and friends to have lunch or dinner there every now and then. I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and I saw Basmati Thai Rice next to the pasta shelf… I bought it as I want to try my cooking skills with the Thai rice … Did I succeed ?? Yes and No … Yes because I created that amazing fluffy rice texture that I love. No, because it didn’t taste like the restaurant’s rice.. It wasn’t bad, I ate it all though. The fact that I’m Anti- Oil should be considered though….


Wagamama !!! When am I going to you ???

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