Hello Perry … Bye Jessica

September 27, 2007 at 12:14 am (Entertainment, Expensive Items, Shopping, Technology, TV) (, , , , )

Since last July, I’ve been craving Perry Mason, his TV show (^_^). If you haven’t came across this fictional legend lawyer and his more than interesting TV movies, you don’t know what are you missing. Being a mystery/crime fan with an open mind is essential, but don’t expect CSI style stories with it’s unbelievable twists… It’s more of an Colombo themed series without the presence of Colombo (Thank God; He was so annoying and persuasive) … More info ==> Wiki page. It would appeal to the 70’s-80’s generation; so no expensive gadgets and crazy ideas… Nevertheless; Simple & enjoyable

Thank God for Hallmark channel and their weekend Mystery afternoons. ^_^…


On an unrelated topic;

It seems that women are drooling over the new Limited-Edition Sony Vaio Splash Notebook….

These gorgeous notebooks are designed by Maya Hayuk ; (Grow) & (Never Stop) are their names. Could one of these Notebooks be the one I’ve been looking for.??..  My dear Chic is one of those who were enchanted by the elegant beauties. The price: $2,500/699 KD ; Not bad for a designer item, IF the designer is famous and well known, which is not the case here. Shall we share Chic ??

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Jarir Bookstore (Dentistry vs Pleasure)

August 15, 2007 at 7:31 pm (academic, Kuwait, Personal, Shopping, Travel)

I went yesterday to Jarir Bookstore to look and buy new novels/books because I’m leaving tomorrow morning to ……. Thailand .. Yes, I’m going for 2 weeks approximately .. My lovely uncle invited me, mother & my little brother to go with him and his family .. 15 people are going so enshall-allal it will be fun !!!.. My Daddy (>_<) won’t come because of his work commitments!!!  Next time Ensha-Allah ..

Anyway .. Back to Jarir.. As I was looking for this and picking that… My dental instincts guided me to the dental books’ section… My immediate reaction: Call my dad (Who was looking at some PC accessories) .. Showed him my discovery ….Drop all the novels I picked, and Pick 3 Dental books … Oh .. The Geek ego won over the normal Hessah >_<


P.S.: I will try to find an internet access so I keep you updated with my Journey ..If Not, I will be back on the 1st of Sept,07 ….

Have a nice time , till then …. ^_^

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Reynolds Chairs of Yew Wood

August 10, 2007 at 10:31 pm (Home & Furniture, Lifestyle, Shopping)

These are rare 1950’s yew wood chairs designed by Alan Reynolds. They retail for 95£ (50KD approximaltely) each. I don’t find them elegant but if you want a contemporary look to your dinin/living room with a link to 1600s; their style can deliver. Not for everybody taste, but they can be, if they are used and placed wisely.

I was looking up Yew wood and found that they were used widely in the world during 1960s, especially in Europe. Nowaday, It’s hard to find this type of wood becaus most countries managed to enforce laws to potect their forests and the wild life (Well Done to that). One thing I found which is very interesting; The Yew tree is known as the Tree of Immortility…?!?!?!

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Dual Mixer watch

August 8, 2007 at 9:40 am (Gadgets, Japanese, Lifestyle, Shopping)

One of the coolest watches I laid my eyes on recently. The main feature that caught my attention is the ability to set 2 time zones at the same time… That’s perfect for me as I can have Both Manchester + Kuwait’s time without adding/substracting hours in my mind (Hate maths).. check the watch and the glowing magic.

The watch is a product of ‘We are Gang’ brand, designed by Perry Yu.

Not cool enough… Check the price Tag…. 10.900 $ … 10.900 Yen which equals 25.900KD ..

…. To make the deal more accessible, If you spend more than 10,000 Yen .. You get Free shipping .. and they have a discount if you bought more than 5 watches…

I ordered one myself today .. They have a modest list, with amazing prices.

The disadvantage is that destracting japanese sympol.. but for 26KD.. I shouldn’t complain. My dad thinks it’s very trendy and can be a perefect present for a close friend if I didn’t like it.. But I will learn to like it ^_^

More close-up pictures ==>

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Hail Scarlett !!!

August 5, 2007 at 9:24 pm (Expensive Items, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping)

New ads for ‘Louis Vittion’ House …

She is not a model, so don’t expect America Next Top Model’s photos:

# Love the bag, hate that intimedating look.

# Her best picture, Hate the bag (too Fury)

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My MARUKAWA chewing gum

August 2, 2007 at 2:34 pm (food, Japanese, Lifestyle, Shopping)

The one and only chewing gum that I wouldn’t live without. I didn’t think that they are popular in Kuwait and according to the manufacturer, Kuwait is one of 5 countries that they ship to, in the middle east.

In the UK, were it’s easy to buy Sushi’s ingredients and certain other items form the Far East, MARUKAWA’s products are not sold there. Actaully, they are not sold in the whole continent of Europe?!?!

I couldn’t order from Amazon, as the UK’s customs can be your best friend sometimes, and the last thing I wanted to happen, is to have a problem with them over few packs of chewing gums that are not worth more than 1KD which might jeopardize any shipment that I order.

So, Plan 1 for my summer; Buy as much as I can for September.^_^

Did you know that ‘The Tatto Buble Gum'(Check the following picture) is made by the same company ???

They have so many flavours but the ‘Melon’ Flavour is new to me!!!

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iPhone LV Case

July 22, 2007 at 4:00 pm (Expensive Items, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping)

After all that anticipation and hype over the iPhone, Designer Company Louis Vuitton introduced this week the specially designed LV case for apple iPhone. Although I don’t see anything special about these cases, others may disagree. It’s an accessory that’s going to sell at 75 KD (nearly 250 USD) for the monogram pattern and up to 350 KD (1250USD) for the alligator version (First one on the left). It is ridiculously expensive for an accessory that is used for one phone brand.

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The Unglamourous Millionaire

July 5, 2007 at 6:01 pm (Fashion, Movies, Shopping, TV)

 Mohammad Al-Fayed opened his Harrods sale by asking the normally gorgeous and elegant ‘Sarah’ to open the sale … The tradition of asking a celebrity always cause media frenzy and provide free publicity to the sale opening. Victoria Bekhams opened it 2-3 years ago and last year it was Eva Longaria . This year, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Or Buffy for some of you out there) was chosen. Since Buffy, she had an intersting movie carrer with lots of forgateble commercail movies, eg. Scooby Doo & The Grudge. 

What I wanted to point is .. You are invited to open a Posh Department store like Harrods, where are you getting paied just to be seen with owner and you dress like that !!! You have a problem, Honey .. Big Problem

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Gifts Dilemma

July 4, 2007 at 4:50 pm (Fashion, Personal, Shopping)

A friend is celebrating her 22nd birthday today, and I completely forget. I was aware that she celebrate her birthday 2-3 weeks before my birthday but I can’t believe how I didn’t manage to rememeber. I decided to go shopping to find a good gift because she’s a freind that I like personally. The problem was that she wanted to go shopping and a freind of mine who was going with me asked her to tag alone. I was devestated because I wanted to buy a gift and obviuosly I can’t do infront her. Unfortanutely, it has to be dlayed for another day .. Probely Tomorrorw so I can go and buy her a good gift.

– Baggy Bag/ Starw Basket .. She’s doesn’t like trendy bags..

– French Coin/Clip Purse ( Which I think is so cute)

– Apple Pendant Necklace ( Comes in Yellow, Blue, Green & Red)- I’ll pick the red as it matches the previous items

I think these items would make the perfect gif, as I don’t know her style.. Elegant, Cute and simple= Beauty

I might check ‘The Body Shop’ to add a small fragrence to complete the collection …

The previous itmes can be found in ‘Top Shop’ Stores.

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