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October 25, 2007 at 9:20 pm (Health, Manchester) (, , , , , , , )

It’s been a while since I blogged although I’m available in the blogging world when it comes to commenting. ^_^ Who’s to blame?? My busy, busy life, Patients demands, and work related issues, lectures and obviously studying … Had a very interesting incident that I’m going to write about later, ensha-Allah

I attended a serious lecture last week about Non-accidental Injuries (NAI). NAI are injuries that were not inflected by accidents but mostly due to domestic violence and child abuse. Unfortunately, It’s a very serious problem in the UK as 4 children die each week from Non-accidental Injuries and last year alone, 600 deaths were reported as a result of NAI.

It’s important to question children when they present as emergency pateint about the incident and how’s did it happen, the parents behaviour is observed as well and their attitude & answers to the asked questions should clarify what happened. We do look for bruises, burns & marks on hands, neck & arms. It’s a sad situations that we (Health care professionals) might have face in our life not in a frequent basis, but we are going to see abused children one day and as a part of our commitment to this society, we need to protect them, if abuse was suspected.

I didn’t expect to encounter a child with a Non-accidental Injury during my undergraduate training, I think I wasn’t prepared emotionally as I couldn’t bear the fact that some people would beat their own kids and deny their rights from being treated because they (the parents) don’t want to be caught. This little girls who was just above 7 years old, came to the clinic with fractured front teeth, and according to her (( little girl kept looking anxiously towards her (what look +smell like an alcoholic) mother)), she fell on a concrete floor a week ago while playing with her siblings and she didn’t realise that she had broken her teeth until a day before her visit to the dentist (How ODD??). *___*. You don’t need a brain surgery to figure that her teeth were broken and the poor girl teeth looked awful. To cut the story short; ‘ Child Services’ were called. I don’t know what happened with that girl , but I now it takes ages for something to be done for some of these poor abused children. I wish this girl and all the children who are abused by their families, all the best and I pray for their safety. Hopefully, they would grow up to be good parents themselves.

One of the charities that I admire is NSPCC, which protect and support as many children as possible in the UK. I admire their painstaking work and their constant dedication to abused children. Stop. Full Stop

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Ramadan & Manchester

September 17, 2007 at 8:32 pm (Kuwait, Manchester, Personal, Travel)

I can’t believe how I had changed since Ramadn started. Although it’s been 5 days, my attitude and behaviour have dramaticly changed, for the Better! Drawn into Ramdan’s rituals, closer to Allah through his book & Prayers and praying Taraweeh in the mosque, It’s so magicl, Subhan Allah… Someone mentioned that we should be selfish with our relationship with our God in this month, a month devoted to him, him and only him.

I’m in Manchesterat the moment, hence the busy days that I had previously, and I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the cold rainy weather… Actaully,I miss the religious atmosphere, The Ramadani Atmosphere,  in Kuwait. Unless you are in my position, you can’t understand my feelings.


In Kuwait’s Airport’s and while I was waiting for my plane in one of the gates, a women is screaming and crying loudly. She looked phillipino and what cemented my assumption is her loud cries ..’Where’s my money??’ she said. Standing next to her, a Kuwaiti man raised his hand and shouted ‘Shut Up’, She continued begging for her money.. He said ‘Tomorrow’, She cried more and started cursing and shouting in her language.. The gate opend , so I proceeded to my plane and before I leave, I saw the Kuwaiti man leaving embarresed-I wish- (How did he manage to enter the Gate’s room without a boarding ticket)!! and another man giving that maid ‘I assume’ 1 Kuwati Dinar. It was a sad scene, where this woman’s rights seemed not existed ?


Al-Etihad airways served Ham Hotdogs, prepared according to the islamic law…in their breakfast, (Shock–Shock)…



Enjoy Fasting .. I’m off to my Taraweeh now …

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Restaurant Review: Yo! Sushi

July 20, 2007 at 8:40 pm (Manchester, Restaurant, Reviews)

For over a week, I wanted to go this restaurant/diner with a friend of mine and because of our different timetables, it was hard to find the most suitable time so that we can meet up and have a nice light lunch. Well, we managed to do it yesterday.

Let’s start with the location: It is located in the basement floor of Selfridges’s store in Manchester City Centre. Obviously, the location is not hard to miss, it’s in the City Centre, In one of the most respected stores in the UK, and is next to the Manchester Wheel; one landmark that you need to visit when you are in Manchester. Easy to find and very accessible: Checked. One thing that I found problematic (When I asks friends to join me) is the fact that is located in Selfridges’s so it is assumed (Most of the time) that you need to a budget to be able to dine there. No, you don’t. Yes it’s located in an expensive store but being located in it doesn’t influence the prices that this restaurant/diner offers.

What makes this place a nice place to get together and eat is the nice funky atmosphere. They system works as the follows; every plate has a price, no matter what’s on it. Actually every colour has a price. The cheapest plate start with 1.5£ (0.750 Fills) ascending to 5£ (2.5 KD). The Green plates are the cheapest whereas the grey is the most expensive colour (Which make it a No-No option). Notice the number of plates being used and check how many grey plates are present? Not that many, obviously due to their price tag. Moving to the service; as you noticed, its self serviced most of the time as you pick the food from the food slider in front of you, unless you want a cold drink or a hot soup. The staff were so friendly and very nice with us, and we were entertained by observing the chefs’ preparing the dishes. I took a number of pictures and they didn’t mind at all.


Now, we are moving to the most essential feature of any restaurant. That is, quality of food. As you noticed from the name; it’s a Sushi Diner, and as result, they cook different types of Sushi. Some of you might want to know how good the Sushi’s were?? Well, I’m not a sushi person. Yes, I did go to a sushi place and I didn’t eat any sushi so I can’t comment on them. On the other hand, my friend tried vegetarian Sushi and she was pleased with it. I think I need to mention, that in a separate occasion, I went with my dear brother to this diner and he didn’t leave without tasting as many Sushi’s as possible (and It did annoy me, mind you) and he didn’t dislike any. He was praising one and indulging in another, so I would assume they were good. So, what did I try? I tried Chicken Salad which was scrumptious, a squid with garden rocket (I loved the texture of the squid.. Fantastic) and then there was the mouth watering Pumpkin Karaoke[I think that was the name of the dish] (Picture of the dish was taken) … which I loved especially with the hot sauce ,, Tasty. Last but not least; A diet Coke… Well, It was hot outside and I did need something cold. My friend tried The Squid and the Pumpkin after I recommended them, she loved the pumpkin but she was not as enthusiastic with the squid, as I was. She tried some kind of Vegetarian Sushi with Avocado that was OK and Miso soup. After 2 hours of chatting, observing, taking pictures and eating, we paid the bill that was very reasonable … Mine was 10 Pounds (5 KD) and my friend was 12 pounds (6 KD) which was not bad considering the place and what we ate.

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Flight date & Skipping a session

July 5, 2007 at 7:32 pm (academic, Manchester, Personal)

As you (Fellow readers) know that I’m off to Kuwait ensha’allah on the last week of July and to be precise on the 27th of July. It’s a Friday, and Friday is a working day in the UK as you all know. I booked my Ticket a week ago after checking my timetable and I didn’t find anything on that day, I had it OFF. Yesterday, I received an e-mail telling me and my group members that we are going to have an extra session on that particular Friday (Last Friday). What is that supposed to mean… Informing us about this extra session out of the blue and we have 3 weeks until we finishes… Aren’t all teaching sessions supposed to be scheduled early… And by early… We are talking about the beginning of the year, the start date of the Semester, not 3 weeks before… I can’t believe how this University functions and quite frankly I don’t care… I have never missed a single session but I’m not going to change my flight so that I would attend a 3 hour session.. No, I won’t.I’m angry because I hate these Tom & Jerry games… One think I know for sure, is that I’m going to have an amazing holiday in Kuwait and It’s going to be Marvelous.

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Terror threat level reduced in the UK

July 4, 2007 at 9:11 pm (Manchester, News, Travel) reported that the national (UK) threat level have been scaled down from critical to severe. Good news for anyone travelling from and to the UK.

Good news that would make travelling easier and smoother. Hopefully the situation would not change for the time being as it’s the summer season. We don’t want new alerts every single week.

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Weather & UK’s Airport Security

July 1, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Manchester, News, Personal, Travel)

… It didn’t stop raining for the last 3 days …

I love the raining day but not when accompanied with wind..

My poor plants are dying from the heavy rain …

On the other hand, Rain is a bless and a sign of growth & fertility …


Moving to the airports

Unfortunately, The security has been tightened in all airports in the UK, due to the recent alert to the 3 failed car bombings in London & Glasgow…The UK raised the state of alert to it’s highest …

I’m returning to Kuwait for the summer holidays in few Weeks , I hope the journey will be easy and smooth. The last thing I want is to carry these see-through carry bags and measure every single bag I own .. I just wish for the best and hopefully those terrorists will be caught.

So, Tourists … wait before you book your vacation, otherwise, you might not enjoy your time due to the security alert.

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