Hello Perry … Bye Jessica

September 27, 2007 at 12:14 am (Entertainment, Expensive Items, Shopping, Technology, TV) (, , , , )

Since last July, I’ve been craving Perry Mason, his TV show (^_^). If you haven’t came across this fictional legend lawyer and his more than interesting TV movies, you don’t know what are you missing. Being a mystery/crime fan with an open mind is essential, but don’t expect CSI style stories with it’s unbelievable twists… It’s more of an Colombo themed series without the presence of Colombo (Thank God; He was so annoying and persuasive) … More info ==> Wiki page. It would appeal to the 70’s-80’s generation; so no expensive gadgets and crazy ideas… Nevertheless; Simple & enjoyable

Thank God for Hallmark channel and their weekend Mystery afternoons. ^_^…


On an unrelated topic;

It seems that women are drooling over the new Limited-Edition Sony Vaio Splash Notebook….

These gorgeous notebooks are designed by Maya Hayuk ; (Grow) & (Never Stop) are their names. Could one of these Notebooks be the one I’ve been looking for.??..  My dear Chic is one of those who were enchanted by the elegant beauties. The price: $2,500/699 KD ; Not bad for a designer item, IF the designer is famous and well known, which is not the case here. Shall we share Chic ??

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What we know so far?!?!

September 23, 2007 at 6:01 pm (academic, Expensive Items, News, Photohraphy) (, , )

This picture amazed me. The universe that we live in had been investigated and researched for more than 100 years and still we are not 100% accurate about it’s sercrets. Every year, a scientist would announce to the world, his/her discovery of a new star/planet which is hard to imagine, considering that we only managed to visit the moon. This picture holds all the planets that have been discovered so far. The picture’s link.

This big universe is so beautiful, It will be such a pleasure to be able to visit these planets one day and meditate, think and indulge in Allah’s Gracious creations !!!

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Hail Scarlett !!!

August 5, 2007 at 9:24 pm (Expensive Items, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping)

New ads for ‘Louis Vittion’ House …

She is not a model, so don’t expect America Next Top Model’s photos:

# Love the bag, hate that intimedating look.

# Her best picture, Hate the bag (too Fury)

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iPhone LV Case

July 22, 2007 at 4:00 pm (Expensive Items, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping)

After all that anticipation and hype over the iPhone, Designer Company Louis Vuitton introduced this week the specially designed LV case for apple iPhone. Although I don’t see anything special about these cases, others may disagree. It’s an accessory that’s going to sell at 75 KD (nearly 250 USD) for the monogram pattern and up to 350 KD (1250USD) for the alligator version (First one on the left). It is ridiculously expensive for an accessory that is used for one phone brand.

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Bran Castle

July 18, 2007 at 8:16 pm (Anime, Expensive Items, Lifestyle)

100% of you, my dear readers, would know this castle by a different name, which I would state at the end of this post.

General Info:

– It is located in Romania.

– It is originally built in 1212, so it’s over 500 years old.

– Over the years, it was used as a fort, a customs post and a royal residence.

– At the moment, it is opened to tourists and functions as a museum of midevil arts.

Have you guessed, the other name which makes this castle a tourists attraction?

Here is a little hint;

  – It’s commonly known as Draculla’s Castle as it belonged to Vlad II Dracula once.  .. Yes, It’s the well known Draculla Castle.. In an animated cartoon known as ‘Ka3bool’, there was a funny episode where the protagonists visited this castle, and they fought Mr. Draculla with garlic gloves. Did I mention that Draculla in that episode can only turn to a fly?  I believe my fellow Arab readers would remember that anime.

 – and believe it or not. If you have $135 million to spare, you can buy this castle. Yes, the Castle is on sale. so guys start saving so that one day, you can own a piece of history. Hmm, I don’t know how many years/decads will it take me to place a deposit.

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