Who Am I

– I am a 22 years old girl from Kuwait ‘El-Ma7aba’.

– My approach to life was dramaticly changed after I went abroad to continue my studies. I always thought that life is a fairytale but after I left the security of the my family nest where my guardian angels made and still making my life as lovely and worthy as possible, I encountered the real world … and here am I …


  1. sozu said,

    kuwait el ma7aba ;D .. oo nice blog Keep it up!

  2. Amu said,

    I Love your blog girl 🙂 keep it rocking…..

  3. Hessa said,


    I didn’t know that you posted a comment here.. Thanks for the encouraging words. I truly appreciate it.


    Your comment draw a big smile on my face. Thank you.. Thank you very much.

    I didn’t think that this blog is anything special compared to all the other amzing blogs around there that I like and truly admire. I think that mine is a bit boring, but I thank you , you who reads and comment because without you, I wouldn’t continue .. Thank you..

  4. Patrick Semaan said,

    Hey, nice blog, I like the gray illustrations.
    Life can be hard sometimes and feels insecure but thats the best part of it, because if its always nice and safe, it would be boring after a while, but if its dangerous at some points or hard, it make us learn and become better people and most of all, stronger and wiser.

    Be as close as you can of your family and make the best out of your life.

  5. "Grey" said,

    sorry i am commenting here
    Something is wrong ! i tried before to leave a comment but it’s not accepting anyways try no 6

    Happy Birthday Hessa !

    May God bless you and Keep you safe , May God watch over your coming and going . May God Prosper you , may you always be the head never the tail …

    Dont feel bad 23 is not as bad as 33 …stay 16 at heart …

    i hope you get to read this…..

  6. Hessa said,

    Patrick Semaan:

    I noticed that you like design illustrations. I have seen some of your work and Masha’allah it’s really good.
    Although I found life to be hard and unfair sometimes, I’m grateful for everything I have. For having a supportive family, My educations, all the opportunities I had and all the experience I got whether it was good or bad. I appreciate everything and I’m grateful to be very lucky and very happy as well.


    I don’t know what’s the problem.. Maybe because it’s the IP address, I have no idea.. and thank you for trying to wish me a happy birthday considering what you had to go through.. Thank you very much for your kind words.. ^__^

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