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It’s been a while since I blogged although I’m available in the blogging world when it comes to commenting. ^_^ Who’s to blame?? My busy, busy life, Patients demands, and work related issues, lectures and obviously studying … Had a very interesting incident that I’m going to write about later, ensha-Allah

I attended a serious lecture last week about Non-accidental Injuries (NAI). NAI are injuries that were not inflected by accidents but mostly due to domestic violence and child abuse. Unfortunately, It’s a very serious problem in the UK as 4 children die each week from Non-accidental Injuries and last year alone, 600 deaths were reported as a result of NAI.

It’s important to question children when they present as emergency pateint about the incident and how’s did it happen, the parents behaviour is observed as well and their attitude & answers to the asked questions should clarify what happened. We do look for bruises, burns & marks on hands, neck & arms. It’s a sad situations that we (Health care professionals) might have face in our life not in a frequent basis, but we are going to see abused children one day and as a part of our commitment to this society, we need to protect them, if abuse was suspected.

I didn’t expect to encounter a child with a Non-accidental Injury during my undergraduate training, I think I wasn’t prepared emotionally as I couldn’t bear the fact that some people would beat their own kids and deny their rights from being treated because they (the parents) don’t want to be caught. This little girls who was just above 7 years old, came to the clinic with fractured front teeth, and according to her (( little girl kept looking anxiously towards her (what look +smell like an alcoholic) mother)), she fell on a concrete floor a week ago while playing with her siblings and she didn’t realise that she had broken her teeth until a day before her visit to the dentist (How ODD??). *___*. You don’t need a brain surgery to figure that her teeth were broken and the poor girl teeth looked awful. To cut the story short; ‘ Child Services’ were called. I don’t know what happened with that girl , but I now it takes ages for something to be done for some of these poor abused children. I wish this girl and all the children who are abused by their families, all the best and I pray for their safety. Hopefully, they would grow up to be good parents themselves.

One of the charities that I admire is NSPCC, which protect and support as many children as possible in the UK. I admire their painstaking work and their constant dedication to abused children. Stop. Full Stop

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happiness.. Why & How ?!

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Happiness is one of multi-million things that we want and strive for. We thrive so many things and without any doubts , happiness is in placed on top of any {Wanted List}. I came across some people mostly patients who wants this and would love that, but sometimes you encounter some odd ones who seek happiness by doing socially unacceptable behaviour. This week I had my first session with one of those patients. In general, she was a beautiful young lady who was skinny, actually too skinny for a woman in her age and height. She’s been complaining of sensitivity form her teeth, and unfortunately her problem is what we call ‘tooth wear’ due to erosion. In lay-man terms our teeth like any thing we touch & play with,, would sometimes get worn down and that can be due to certain factors… I’m not going to indulge you with details but with this particular patient, her teeth were worn down due to erosion from her continuous vomiting habits, she is/was suffering from an eating disorder. How did I know? Clinical signs and her vague answers towards my questions as well as her obvious nervousness..She is in denial and I can’t do anything about that. My duty is to inform her of the cause of the problem but if she’s not bothered to address the problem, I can’t do a lot of this that I would do normally.

It’s sad to see people who would torture themselves to be happy. Is that happiness? In their mid, it’s the ultimate goal that would lead to a happy life or so they say? Why, Why would she do something like that. neglecting her health and her body needs, just to be skinny, why? I guess I can relate to her, I do feel the pressure to be thin and I hate it when somebody points that I gained weight and that’s why I enjoy losing weight because I hate the word ‘Gain’. Yes, I admit that I’m skinny and and well below the ‘Healthy weight’ for my height but I’m influenced by media, friends and family. Overall, I learnt to love my self and be happy nevertheless. I learnt to accept my body without depriving it of it’s needs but I’m still afraid of gaining weight. I hate it but I try to enjoy food whenever I can.  I didn’t want to write about myself, I didn’t aim for that.

Funny thing: 87% of the British population believe that they are happy because of their hobbies, 90% of which, stated that their hobbies involved gardening!!! Do you think that we should consider gardening as a therapeutic way to relieve stress!! Might consider it ^_^

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What’s your body age?

July 21, 2007 at 4:11 pm (Health, Lifestyle)


The main question : Are you yonger than your years or aging  before your time?

Start with your actual age.If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, add or substract years to find your body age.

1- Do you get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (eg. walking) on most days of the week?

→ YES. Subtract 1 year

2- Are you the correct weight for your height?

→ YES. Subtract 1 year

3- Are you under stress or pressure on a regular basis?

→ YES. Add 4 years.

4- Do you often eat refined, pre-packaged and processed food?

→ Yess. Add 4 years.

5- Have you experinced three or more stressful events in the past year (Such as divorce or seperation, bereavement, job loss, moving house)?

→ Yess. Add 3 years.

6- Do you eat five or more portions of a range of fresh fruit and veg every day?

→ Yess. Subtract 5 years.

7- Are you vegeterian?

→ Yess. Subtract 2 years.

8- Do you eat oily fish three times a week?

→ Yes. Subtract 2 years.

9- Are you happily married ?

→ Yes. Subtract 1.5 years.

10- Do you smoke?

→ Yes. Add 6 years.

From ‘Goddess: Be the Woman You want to be’ By Elisabeth Wilson

Everybody try it and post yor score and whether is above/below your real age…

I’m going first:

21 was the score which is below my real age … well, by 2. I’m proud to younger than my real age.. so, Who’s going next?

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Food & Media

July 9, 2007 at 12:34 am (Food & Cooking, Health)

– Did you know that, because of Jamie Oliver, a national (UK) asparagus shortage was declared in 2006.

– 2000 people a week turn vegetarians in the UK (a 2006 Survey).

-In Japan, Coca Cola is linked with beauty product company ‘Shiseido’ to make a grapefruit and seaweed beauty drink with a matching hydrating body spray!!!

– Blueberries sales were increased after they were found to be super rich in antioxidants and to have memory-boosting and cholesterol fighting powers ..

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