Cinema: GO or Not TO GO

July 31, 2007 at 1:16 pm (Kuwait, Lifestyle, Movies, Personal)

I have never been a fan of ‘The Simpsons’ but If I came acros it on tv, I would leave everything and freeze inforn on the TV until the end of the episode. As everyone aware of the film’s release worldwide (which include Kuwait), Do you think I should bother watch it in Kuwait? I’m not a mall person, I’d rather spend time with my family strolling the beach, go to the farm togother and have quality time rather than visiting the mall like most kuwaitis. So, to go out with a group.. It’s movies time and at the moment.. there is nothing worth to spend money on. Fracture/Harry Potter/ Vacancy/ Stupid arabic movies and a couple of indian movies.. That’s what’s currently available, which is pathetic in a country with over 30 screens… My only option is ‘The Simpsons’ which I know for a fact will be censored and it’s running time will be reduced by 30 minutes minimum…


On a side note: why did they block a number of torrents sites again ??? and why the internent speeds here is very slow.. I  have DSL (512 kps) and I’m already complaning to my father in a daily basis ..

Tarsheed, slow internet , hot+ humid weather …. It’s too much *_*

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Kuwait!! I’m here!!

July 28, 2007 at 2:01 pm (Personal)

I’m in Kuwait now,, Glad to be with family, Love the feeling ..

To a breakdown of my journey:

– I left my flat at 6.30 AM (GMT) as I was so worried about my luggage’s weight, and I was afraid that I might deal with paying excess charge.

– 6:55 AM: Reached Eithaad Airways counter in Manchester Airport. Their counters are deserted of passengers!! , It’s a good sign !! I went to one of the unoccupied ladies and finished in less than 4 minutes.

– 7.10 AM: After a long wait due to security reasons, I was able to enter the passenger’s lounge.

-7.12 AM: 3 hours until my flight and I don’t know what to do!! There are few occupied seats and some duty free shops. I had to use my time unwisely moving from one shop to another and returning back and forth.

I was so bored. I couldn’t call anybody as it’s very early and it’s rude, even if I was too desperate to do something meaningful (eg, calling someone).

Some of you, might ask why didn’t you go to your departure gate and read/eat/do anything rather than walking in circles until the departure announcement. Well, the problem was that they didn’t provide us with the gate number , so I had to wait with my fellow passengers until the gate number was announced on the screen.

8.20 AM: Still, no sign of the gate number on the screen, I had already bought some chocolate from one of the shops , so here goes another round in the shops.

8.30 AM: Now I was able to call anybody I want. It’s a week day and everybody are on their way to work or had already reached their workplace. I called 3 people and left voice messages (Long ones) for another two.

8.55 AM: 5 minuted until the announcement of the gate number. I met a nice Bahraini woman who was doing Masters in communication. Mash’allah!! … She was called ” Madeena “.. ‘City’ in English. She said it was a common name in Bahrain. I didn’t know that!

9.00 AM: Finally the gate number was announced. I marched to my gate, then I’ll able to sit down and read my book. Gate 29, Here I come!!

9.25 AM: Hungry and unable to function, I wasn’t able to read my book with concentration and was easily distracted. 5 minutes later, and the gate opened, Thank you God!

10.00AM: My seat location was excellent as I wasn’t bothered if it was an aisle/window seat. The person who sat next to me was a 10 year old boy, travelling on his own to visit his family in AbuDhabi. Mash’allah he was so polite and bless him, he enjoyed talking (He was a bit talkative) and telling me about his ambitious dream to be a magician in the future. His old dream to be a rapper, why did he like 50 cents and etc.? His favourite movies? how he take care about his teeth? His dream to move to Abu Dhabi and to start a family there (So young to think about these things)? I think I treated him like a young brother/son.. whenever he had to go the toilet, he would put his food tray on mine, I was encouraging him to eat and like any other boy he wasn’t keen on the plane’s food. Although I didn’t sleep as I intented to do, I managed to sleep for an hour which was an achievement considering the circumstances, bless him.. The boy was talking and pointing at this and that, asking question, but it was fun. In the other hand, I met a girl who was doing medicine, she heard me talking to ‘Amir-The boy’ about dentistry, and Subhan -Allah it turned out that she knew a fellow Kuwaiti students who are doing 4th year medicine who I know. I didn’t expect that!!

8PM (GMT +3): We reached AbuDhabi,said goodbyes to both Amir and Aneesa (The 4th year Medic) and parted our ways, each to his/her respective way. Due to the fact that I didn’t have money as I didn’t want to exchange British pounds to USD/Emarati Durhim’s, I found a seat and continued reading my book. I didn’t think it was a good idea to look at the duty free shops as I didn’t want to carry anything with me.

Believe it or not, I sat there on my chair reading for the next 6 hours. Well, let’s say that, 3 hours were for reading purposes and the other 3 were observational. I witnessed the arrival of an Indonesian Team (Consists of old people) and one of the few women who were there, shocked me with her striking resemblance to Amilda Marcus (The previous first lady of the Philippine). Another Kuwaiti man with long hair and his wife (Shorter hair than him) who wasn’t dressed appropriately. There was this Funny Emarati’s couple; the husband was dressed in purple jeans and shirt, his wife was wearing what looks like 6 layers of Aabaya(3abaya) which I assumed to be very heavy. 10 minuted later, I see the same couple, but without the Abaya and the Nigab.. She was wearing yellow skinny jeans with a matching top. Another Kuwaiti man had a fight with one of Etihaad Airways’s staff because she refused to provide him with a free accommodation. It was interesting to observe so many people and see how colourful the airport can be with so many nationalities and races.

1.20 AM( GMT+3): Boarding the plane to Kuwait, I’m on way to my beloved hometown. I sat next to a Kuwaiti man and continued reading my book, who assumed I was British.. I was shocked ??  and with my Hijab as well. ^_^ (Found it funny).Due to the undergoing construction in AbuDhabi Airport, we were taken in a bus to our aircraft. Half an hour later, we are still waiting for another set of passengers who were late .. They were shopping in the duty free area!!  I can’t believe how some people can be so inconsiderate and show up when “The final Calling” is announced. Why bother? Miss the plane, it’s easier for you and quicker for us.

2.30 AM (GMT+3): The plane took off after the delay. I wasn’t thrilled, my parents said that they we going to be in Airport by 2 AM so with the delay, my poor parents had to wait for an extra hour to see me.

3.30 AM`(GMT+2) Kuwait, I arrived .. My parents and my younger brother were there.. Oh, I missed them so much..

Glad to be finally in Kuwait…

…. About Etihaad Airways: I would recommend this airways for their excellent service, friendly staff and for their tasty food. An enjoyable ride that was disturbed with the long waiting hours. Would go with them again, but I will hope in the future, they would consider reducing the waiting time.

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Happy Birthday, Hessa

July 26, 2007 at 11:19 am (Personal)

Today I turn 23 years old. and guess how would I spend the day?? I have ptients in the hospital so no celebrtions or cke for the day. I’m thankful for all these nice wishes form friends and to my fellow readers.. Thank you…

Tomorrow, I’m flying to my Beloved Kuwait and I can’t wait to see my parents and family members.

As a side Note; I’m getting old >_<   ..

Happy day for all of you

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Stress, Luggage’s and flights

July 25, 2007 at 6:49 pm (Personal)


In the last few days, I was tired, stressed and out of place, emotionally and physically. My trouble is called Flying, I hate everything related to planes. I start to feel nervous a week before my flight, I worry about my weight allowance, I feel that I didn’t bring enough gifts and presents for family member and friends. Although I spend loads of time, energy, though and money in finding gifts for each person, I feel that they won’t like it. My mother always says that the thought counts, not how much did I spend on this and that? I know that I sear, but I want to see happiness in people’s eye. I like to give rather than Take.


Making matter worse, I can’t sleep. As a result, I have headaches all the time and it’s hard to concentrate sometimes. The funny thing is, tomorrow I have patients coming in and so I need to be clam and relaxed as I’m not going to see them for 6 weeks. I need to leave a good impression.   


This time, I decided to shake the system a bit. Well, my functional system. I planned what I need to do which was piece of cake. Due to the fact that we are in our final week, each group wants to go out and have dinner as a farewell gesture before we meet next year. It was nice of them to plan the meal and it will be rude of me not to turn up although it was hectic… Going to restaurants 5 times in last 10 days. I had to order salads and soft drinks sometimes as I don’t like eating out very often.


‘Me’ time :I decided to go to a Spa, 3 weeks ago so that I will be relaxed by the time I go home, but it’s hard to find a girls only spa. I saw some flyers but I would going to pales that are far away from and in areas that I’m not familiar with. So, no Spa for me this time. Ensha’allah next time!!!


To make it worse, my birthday is tomorrow and I don’t feel like a birthday girl. I just want to reach Kuwait. Less than 48 hours to go … Stay Focus Hessa!

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Carzy weekend

July 16, 2007 at 5:49 pm (Personal)

2 of my dearest friends came to see me this weekend. That the reason why I couldn’t blog for the past 2 days. It was fun and entertaining to have them although It got a bit out of control once. One thing I had a problem with, is lack of sleep. I’m back.

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Flight date & Skipping a session

July 5, 2007 at 7:32 pm (academic, Manchester, Personal)

As you (Fellow readers) know that I’m off to Kuwait ensha’allah on the last week of July and to be precise on the 27th of July. It’s a Friday, and Friday is a working day in the UK as you all know. I booked my Ticket a week ago after checking my timetable and I didn’t find anything on that day, I had it OFF. Yesterday, I received an e-mail telling me and my group members that we are going to have an extra session on that particular Friday (Last Friday). What is that supposed to mean… Informing us about this extra session out of the blue and we have 3 weeks until we finishes… Aren’t all teaching sessions supposed to be scheduled early… And by early… We are talking about the beginning of the year, the start date of the Semester, not 3 weeks before… I can’t believe how this University functions and quite frankly I don’t care… I have never missed a single session but I’m not going to change my flight so that I would attend a 3 hour session.. No, I won’t.I’m angry because I hate these Tom & Jerry games… One think I know for sure, is that I’m going to have an amazing holiday in Kuwait and It’s going to be Marvelous.

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Gifts Dilemma

July 4, 2007 at 4:50 pm (Fashion, Personal, Shopping)

A friend is celebrating her 22nd birthday today, and I completely forget. I was aware that she celebrate her birthday 2-3 weeks before my birthday but I can’t believe how I didn’t manage to rememeber. I decided to go shopping to find a good gift because she’s a freind that I like personally. The problem was that she wanted to go shopping and a freind of mine who was going with me asked her to tag alone. I was devestated because I wanted to buy a gift and obviuosly I can’t do infront her. Unfortanutely, it has to be dlayed for another day .. Probely Tomorrorw so I can go and buy her a good gift.

– Baggy Bag/ Starw Basket .. She’s doesn’t like trendy bags..

– French Coin/Clip Purse ( Which I think is so cute)

– Apple Pendant Necklace ( Comes in Yellow, Blue, Green & Red)- I’ll pick the red as it matches the previous items

I think these items would make the perfect gif, as I don’t know her style.. Elegant, Cute and simple= Beauty

I might check ‘The Body Shop’ to add a small fragrence to complete the collection …

The previous itmes can be found in ‘Top Shop’ Stores.

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Weather & UK’s Airport Security

July 1, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Manchester, News, Personal, Travel)

… It didn’t stop raining for the last 3 days …

I love the raining day but not when accompanied with wind..

My poor plants are dying from the heavy rain …

On the other hand, Rain is a bless and a sign of growth & fertility …


Moving to the airports

Unfortunately, The security has been tightened in all airports in the UK, due to the recent alert to the 3 failed car bombings in London & Glasgow…The UK raised the state of alert to it’s highest …

I’m returning to Kuwait for the summer holidays in few Weeks , I hope the journey will be easy and smooth. The last thing I want is to carry these see-through carry bags and measure every single bag I own .. I just wish for the best and hopefully those terrorists will be caught.

So, Tourists … wait before you book your vacation, otherwise, you might not enjoy your time due to the security alert.

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Forever Friends …

June 29, 2007 at 10:10 pm (Personal)

After 1 long year, I met with one of my closest friends.. Samia..

I met Samia 3 years ago, in a Girls-Only students’ accommodation. We didn’t talk, we were eating our dinner. She was laughing and joking with another friend ‘Eunice- Whom I deeply miss as well ‘. We were talking about the cleaning habits of the UK population. Eunice brought up the subject as she scanned the article in the newspaper. From there, a bond was formed, a friendship was born and my family was extended by their arrival.

The wonderful moments that I spent with them was unforgettable and inspiring as well. They were there for me. They made life enjoyable with certain boundaries and limits. I’m grateful for for everything they have done for me. How they helped me geting out of my shell and encourage me to be myself. I learnt a lot by being with them. Sometimes, we do have these moments where we become moody and fed up with everything. With both of them … It’s a different story … They are my sisters ..  Sisters that I wish I had, sisters that I would love to share my life experience with and would treasure them for the rest of my life … Love these 2 … Samia & Eunice ..

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Home Phone Calls

June 10, 2007 at 12:16 pm (Kuwait, Personal)


As I ‘m waiting for my exam’s results, I tend to call my parents every day approximately just to talk about my fears and worries, and how I need their support and prayers. I might sound like a moaner but who can I turn to, who’s going to listen to me? Who’s going /trying to make me laugh? Who’s going to make me calmer and less edgier by the end of the phone call? My parents, No doubt. I can’t think of somebody else who can take the role except them …. They are always there for and I love them so much that I want-Ensha’allah- to make them proud and happy.. I love you Babati and I love you Mamati and I wish I would have the time to repay that unconditional love and support without complaining for a single day.. I know that I’m not the perfect the daughter , but I know that you are the ideal and perfect parents. I know that I was annoying and grateful sometimes , but I know you that you treasure me just like John Silver protected his Treasure… I love you .. My Gaurdians, my supportors, my amazing parents ( Allah Ya5alekom Li)..

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