happiness.. Why & How ?!

October 2, 2007 at 10:40 pm (food, Health, Lifestyle) (, , )

Happiness is one of multi-million things that we want and strive for. We thrive so many things and without any doubts , happiness is in placed on top of any {Wanted List}. I came across some people mostly patients who wants this and would love that, but sometimes you encounter some odd ones who seek happiness by doing socially unacceptable behaviour. This week I had my first session with one of those patients. In general, she was a beautiful young lady who was skinny, actually too skinny for a woman in her age and height. She’s been complaining of sensitivity form her teeth, and unfortunately her problem is what we call ‘tooth wear’ due to erosion. In lay-man terms our teeth like any thing we touch & play with,, would sometimes get worn down and that can be due to certain factors… I’m not going to indulge you with details but with this particular patient, her teeth were worn down due to erosion from her continuous vomiting habits, she is/was suffering from an eating disorder. How did I know? Clinical signs and her vague answers towards my questions as well as her obvious nervousness..She is in denial and I can’t do anything about that. My duty is to inform her of the cause of the problem but if she’s not bothered to address the problem, I can’t do a lot of this that I would do normally.

It’s sad to see people who would torture themselves to be happy. Is that happiness? In their mid, it’s the ultimate goal that would lead to a happy life or so they say? Why, Why would she do something like that. neglecting her health and her body needs, just to be skinny, why? I guess I can relate to her, I do feel the pressure to be thin and I hate it when somebody points that I gained weight and that’s why I enjoy losing weight because I hate the word ‘Gain’. Yes, I admit that I’m skinny and and well below the ‘Healthy weight’ for my height but I’m influenced by media, friends and family. Overall, I learnt to love my self and be happy nevertheless. I learnt to accept my body without depriving it of it’s needs but I’m still afraid of gaining weight. I hate it but I try to enjoy food whenever I can.  I didn’t want to write about myself, I didn’t aim for that.

Funny thing: 87% of the British population believe that they are happy because of their hobbies, 90% of which, stated that their hobbies involved gardening!!! Do you think that we should consider gardening as a therapeutic way to relieve stress!! Might consider it ^_^


  1. chikapappi said,

    Yes, we miss happiness alot these days & people connect it with materialistic things… as for this patient, I fee sorry for her walla & I hope she gets cured soon.. hoping that this thing is not widly spread here .. that’s sad!

  2. Amu said,

    I guess everyone misses happiness including me…I hope she gets well soon…

  3. GreY said,

    Thats pathetic … why girls want to be skinny ? I hate extra skinny .. its ok if a girl is naturally skinny [ like my wife used to be during mesozoic era ] .. but vomitting to be thin is insane …

  4. Blue Dress said,

    Sadly the issue is not happiness its being whatever the majority wants you to be.
    Seeking perfection in the eye of another human being, that is indeed sad.

    She wants to be “IN” accepted if you will… instead of changing the society she is changing for them!

    You should’ve given her a piece of your mind, in a good way that is.

  5. Sis 4 You said,

    This is Bulemia, if I am not wrong. It is said , through some reliable sources, that Princess Diana, suffered from it too. If a princess with all her beauty and status can be effected by the social stress to be in good shape why wouldn’t any other common thinking girl be? We need to educate this age group. I like what Europe did, they boycotted the skinny, anorexic models, for some time. I just hope it had gone a bit longer.

  6. maryam said,

    Seeking happiness, it is funny how we all want to be happy and yet we do stuff that make us feel otherwise. I remember a phrase that really touched me,
    Is your life happy with sad moments or sad with happy moments?

    I guess each and everyone has to seek their happiness in their own way. What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for another

    PS: I don’t think gardening will work for us here in Kuwait. Heat problems 😉 I recommend conducting a survey for people living in Kuwait. See what they come up with 😉

  7. Rekoo said,

    gardening?! law elweather 3enda zain chan gelna Ok bas bel kuwait 9a3ba this percentage can be applied! 😀

  8. Noufa said,

    She just want to be accepted by society and considered “sexy” or “hot”
    I blame the media!
    society standers of what’s beautiful is unbelievable, no one could live up to them..

  9. Hessa said,

    You are right. Girls, especially-teenagers- are more affected as they are more influenced by the media and we all know how media treat girls with average healthy weight ==> Fat, that’s what they are being called.

    We can’t all be satisfied with everything in our lives, but we don’t kill ourselves so as to be accepted by a society group pf friends. On the other hand, Family support is essential and I know Amu that you are lucky to have. ^_^

    .. I’m with you but Anorexia/Bulimia are recognized eating disorders that are related to stress, emotional and psychology issues. These girls don’t know who to deal with adolescents and their family problems, but they wants help and that’s why there starve themselves as they don’t know who to ask for help and seek a kind hand.

    .Hmm, came to think about it, you are right. It’s easier and faster to change your self so that to be accepted rather than convert others as it’s a long process which isn’t guaranteed to be a success.

    You are right, Vomiting is one the signs of Bulimia, women/men who suffer from it feel guilty about their meal so they eat tremendous amounts of food at certain hour of the day but by the time, it’s bed time, Consumed & digested food are OUT of their mouths >_<. On other hand, models who don’t eat because they have are afraid of food, would vomit as well, so it’s not that distinctive between the two disorders. This woman had signs of Anorexia + Bulimia. .. Hopefully she would get help. .. I’m delighted as well for this model banning in some of the fashion shows. A late step , but at least some actions had been undertaken to address this global problem

    Welcome to this blog, Maryam !!! ^_^ True, That phrase stopped me for few minutes, Very interesting!!! and the gardening fact, could be applied to Kuwait at the moment, guys , seriously,, the weather is perfect and January is few months away, so Maryam would you participate in the study ?? ^__^

    No Rekoo, you could enjoy gardening in Kuwait but in 2-3 months ensha-Allah, so it’s possible but are you up to it? ^___^

    Welcome Noufa !! Yes, Media effects on younger adults can be very damaging and destructive, They look for ‘chicken-legs’ slim body, and criticize a healthy body, and as a result, we have lack of confidence and self-esteem . Thanks for partcipating, Noufa ^_^

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