Hello Perry … Bye Jessica

September 27, 2007 at 12:14 am (Entertainment, Expensive Items, Shopping, Technology, TV) (, , , , )

Since last July, I’ve been craving Perry Mason, his TV show (^_^). If you haven’t came across this fictional legend lawyer and his more than interesting TV movies, you don’t know what are you missing. Being a mystery/crime fan with an open mind is essential, but don’t expect CSI style stories with it’s unbelievable twists… It’s more of an Colombo themed series without the presence of Colombo (Thank God; He was so annoying and persuasive) … More info ==> Wiki page. It would appeal to the 70’s-80’s generation; so no expensive gadgets and crazy ideas… Nevertheless; Simple & enjoyable

Thank God for Hallmark channel and their weekend Mystery afternoons. ^_^…


On an unrelated topic;

It seems that women are drooling over the new Limited-Edition Sony Vaio Splash Notebook….

These gorgeous notebooks are designed by Maya Hayuk ; (Grow) & (Never Stop) are their names. Could one of these Notebooks be the one I’ve been looking for.??..  My dear Chic is one of those who were enchanted by the elegant beauties. The price: $2,500/699 KD ; Not bad for a designer item, IF the designer is famous and well known, which is not the case here. Shall we share Chic ??


  1. chikapappi said,

    LOOOOL!!! We shan’t !! 😛 But it is a beauty huh…. “women are drooling”! 🙂

    I didn’t watch that show – come to think of it, I haven’t watche ANY show yet! Am so behind everyone else… when is your birthday! Let’s see what we can do with these Vaios 😛

  2. Amu said,

    lollll why are you girls after this vaio’s? hehe

  3. Blue Dress said,

    It’s not that nice. You’ll eventually get bored with the pattern trust me.

  4. rieaane said,

    I hope I can see that, i love this kind of shows 🙂 and by the way…. I agree with blue dress 🙂

  5. GreY said,

    Not a TV person [anymore] but if i get a chance i’d watch it …

  6. rekoo said,

    never heard of him or his show! but i do have hallmark channel i’ll try to catch one of his episodes or movies :S

    699 K.D? wallah 7aram ma yswa

  7. Sis 4 You said,

    oh I wish I had the time to spend on watching a nice tv series and that too a mystry!!

    Wow, these look cool, and price doesn’t look bad when ur paying for sony with some additional designs. How r the specs?

  8. Rayboy said,

    i think we get laptop covers which can cover the lids like that .. i cant find the link right now .. will post it when i get it

  9. Rayboy said,

    HEre found it. i had blogged about it sometime back


  10. Hessa said,

    How mean >__<

    Because it’s so Pretty and it’s s girlish, Don’t you agree?

    You have a point, but don’t worry.. I’m not rational complusive buyer I tend to think alot before spending money even if I used my Dad’s money (which will be the case, here).. ^_^

    Unfortunately, these old gllden series aren’ normally shown in our region because there is no audiance which isn’t the case here as more than half the population (UK, that is) are old. Thank you God ^_^.

    So, what are you? you don’t watch TV, How come ?

    I think the Hallmark channel that we have in Kuwait is the Movie Channel version of the Hallmark Channel. Nevertheless, if you managed to came across it, I know that you will enjoy watching any of Perry’s or Jessica’s shows. About the price, I agree with you, The laptop doesn’t have any amazing features. The only thing thatI like is the colours, so vibrant.

    Why not, Honey? Half an hour for a weekly show is not hard to manage, but I guess being a working mother is different from a student. So, You are in for it then, To tell you the truth, I’m a Toshiba Fan and I have always loved there products and Sony is over-rateyd sometimes because It’s Sony.

    A Cheaper Option without the cost of a new Laptop. Thanks alot Ray, I will check them amot nd maybe buy one cover or two so as to get that additional color.

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