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September 12, 2007 at 7:48 pm (Entertainment, Home & Furniture, Humor, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, News, Photohraphy, Trends, Video)

Oh Brit.. I have never been a fan of your music but I wanted you to successed. Your roller-coaster life is depressing and as a gentle human being (That’s me.. Ahem), I wish happiness for everybody and that includes you. It’s sad how a young artist who’s been in the business for more than 5 years, always on top to get to this low point of her life & career. You control your own life but you are lost, can’t guide yourself and as a result… A wreck who I hope that would be saved ..(One Day )….


The SuperHero wave is unstoppable at the moment and Marvel is enjoying the Popularity of the genre and as a good company, it’s milking the Golden Cow.. I’ve been impressed with some movies, dissappointed in others and neutral with the rest. Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau (of Zathura & Elf ) and Starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow & Jeff Bridges is one of these upcoming movies that I’m not looking forward to. Nevertheless, I’m going to watch it when it’s released next year. The trailer didn’t satisfy my anticipation buds and seems trying too hard to impress!! Check the trailer here. The Release Date: May 2, 2008


Crocs are back but for the wrong reasons!!! It’s emerged that Crocs were found to be responsible for 40 escalator accidents in Japan !! Yes, They were found to be guilty and on top of that; The Japanese government urged people to take extra percussion while wearing these popular clogs. One victim; A 5 years old girl broke her middle toe and 3 of her toenails were ripped, I doubt that she would wear her crocs anytime soon!!! My mom has one of these but I doubt that she would disown them, Her excuse: They are too comfertable to be true…^_^



A very interesting project for books’ lovers who can place as many as 10 books in their favourite arm-chair. My father would love this one if it’s in production but as a single project done by one creative man.. It’s amazing . More pictures here.


Mount Etna (Sicily,Italy); One of Europe’s active volcanoes erupted on 4th of Sept. 2007 which was a good chance for a photographer to capture this gorgeous imaginary scene and share it with the rest of us. One of my dreams was to visit an active volcano in a photographic session, but I don’t think that it would ever be advertised. ^_^


& Finally … Ramadan Mubark … Ensha-Allah the fasting process will be easy and all of us will have happy smooth days that are awaiting us for this month and every month ….





  1. chikapappi said,

    Hehehehe! The best compressed post 😛

    First of all kel 3am o enti bkheir sweetie ….. I hate Briteny Spears, she just lost it all.. I feel sorry for her…. I ain’t super hero – comic thingies faaa I pass that 🙂

    Crocs are UGLY- I hate hate hate them! urrgh! O el9oora 3ajeeba….

  2. eshda3wa said,

    kel 3am wntay eb khair

    and someone needs to slap some sense into britny maskeena

  3. "GreY" said,

    Nice post ! Lover every topic .. Hate britney though ! dont ask me why !

  4. Ansam said,

    yeah britney spears kinda art was never my cup of tea either… apparently she is screaming for help in everything she is doing! I pity her!

    ohhh and that chair is practical but gotta try and sit on it… shakla not comfy!

    Embarak 3alaikom el shahar 🙂

  5. dynamic deeds said,

    First Happy Ramadan 😉
    2nd of all I think she brings it all to herself. I’ve recently seen an old interview when she use to be preg with her 2nd child AND she looked like a mess. Chewing gum during an interview, and acting and saying weird stuff.

    I think she should straighten out things, because seriously the life style she is living right now is DESTROYING not only her career but LIFE.

    Perhaps if she is taking things MORE SERIOUS, her life and what not, she would be able to go through this.

  6. Sis 4 You said,

    This was a refreshing post. I loved reading through it. It was away from all the frowns I am seeing around me , at the moment.
    I hate crocs. They suck! I never wore them but they look disgusting.

  7. rieaane said,

    hmm…nice post and wow, i love the chair!

  8. Hessa said,

    3eyonich El-7elwa… Sweety. I don’t think that Brit has any existing fans now!! She’s train wreck,unable to be restored. Crocs are very popular but I don’t find them trendy, but they made it; One of the thngs tht I don’t uderstnd about this world. 3alaina wo 3alich 7abibti… ^_^

    Wo Entai Be5air, My fellow doctor. She need some serious help.

    I’m Glad that you did, Grey.. I don’t need to ask you, I’m not a fan either but a national disastor like her should be monitered ^_^.

    Poor Britney, You are right, A lost soul who needs a ray of light. The chair is so practical, but yJourneymanou are right, it looks so rough.. Well, a coshion will be a nice addition to complete the final down.
    3alaina wo 3aliach

    I’m glad that you liked the post, Thanks for the complement. I saw a woman today wearing Crocs and it’s raining !!! I would understand if it was summer but in the middle of the rain and wind ?? What was she thinkning !!!

    Thanks, Honey … I know; The chair is dream that (I don’t think) will be reality ^_^

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