Thailand: Central World…2

September 6, 2007 at 10:12 pm (Personal, Photohraphy, Travel)

Central World is a big shopping complex that is larger than ‘The Avenues’. The managing company knows how to use the mall space to showcase galleries,exhibition and sometimes concerts and dance shows; A simple idea that our friends here in Kuwait might not be able to imitate.

The World’s Tallest Chocolate Tower : Yummy


Three Naked Men: Best angle without my little cousins. It’s built from Ceramics and it is located in fornt of ‘The Pizza Comany’. The kids loved,pictures taken of them with the men. Elementry school girls were super excited and they didn’t stopped taking pictures with their phone.


The Kermiln in Russia. One of the highlights of the mall is the new wonders of the world and the nominees of the competition. In every corner you see landmarks of different countries which is a very good idea to occupy the vast space.


Another famous landmark: The Eiffel Tower.


The Cute Doll as a mascot of the japanese resturant: Sakura…


Additional Landmark: The Great Wall of China, Had to be there but It was such a hard search to find it. We are talking about Seven Floors !!!!


Two Striking elevators that caught my eyes… Sponsered by Sony Ericsson?!?!


After a long day, who would refuse a coffee from the ‘Black Canyon Coffee’ .. Nothing special but in some branches, they serve soups and pasta, like a proper diner. Don’t miss the Seafood Tom Yum soup with  noodels ==> So yummy with the mazing ginger flavour …hmmm


Next: The Asian Senses.. A gorgeous showcase of thai culture and tradition.. Found in Central World.. Fifth Floor…


  1. chikapappi said,

    heheheh! the naked men thing is no good :$ – I loved the chocolate tower o doll 🙂

  2. "GreY" said,

    Awesome … and Yeah ! whats with ‘can’t take pictures’ in Kuwait malls?

  3. Hessa said,

    I had to convince the little ones that sometimes, they don’t have to be in every picture I take… The chocolate tower looked too good to be true … hehehe


    There is a (No Picture) sign in every corner of any mall I visit, but because we were tourists, I think they didn’t care too much, besides most of my pictures include the little brats fooling around Tailand.. ^_^

  4. rieaane said,

    I remembered Phil. malls when I saw the pics…they’re almost similar, BTW, try to visit Phil. sometimes 🙂

  5. Sis 4 You said,

    the pics r cool:)

  6. Hessa said,

    Really, Are they similar to Thailand’s? I’m was impressed with some malls, the architecture was un-describable, The space that was occupied in a weekly basis by different companies to showcase producs & entertain kids. I went to some temples but they didn’t allow me to take pictures inside some of them. I relly love to visit all the countries in the Far east ensha-Allah. I would love to go Sri-Lank next. Who knows I might visit the Philippines next year? But I need a good guide ^_^ (Hint , Hint,,,hehehe)

    Thanks Sis, ^_^

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