Thailand: Hectic Street Life…(1)

September 5, 2007 at 7:52 pm (Personal, Photohraphy, Travel)


Thailand… The Land of elephants… Siam as it was known so many decads ago. I was interested when my uncle mentioned Thai-Land. I like visiting new places and I make sure that I aknowledge any country’s culture and tradition when I visit new places. Thailand was no exception. I tried my best but Bangkok did not allow me. Well, my family, whome I travelled with, were not excited about my recommendations.. They preferred shopping which wasn’t my reason to visit Thailand.

Even if they complied with my suggestions, There was something missing. Thailand wasn’t that magical beautiful Country that I thought I will be enchanted by. I think Bangkok is to be blamed. It is busier than London (Which I hate and can’t stand) so you can imagine my rolling eyes when my plane landed.^_^

Street Shopping stalls that sells various items; Cloths (Men,women & Children’s), Kitchen accessories, Jwellery, bags, shoes, watches, sunglasses, Home accessories, plants and so many other things are everywhere. You can’t find street stalls whithout noticing the food stalls where food ‘Chicken,beef, fish and pork’ is grilled. Insects are popular among tourists. The pavements are crowded as a result, if you want to reach Point A to B, you ought to walk on the street itself which is dangerous and I’m not descriping passing through a street to the other side. It’s a whole another story. ^_^

It is very polluted In Bangkok which is a shame. Diesel is heavily used and Colourful taxies are evrywhere and all the streets are in a ‘Rush-Hour’ state 24/7. Pavements are smelly; Food stalls re-use the oils they used in cooking constatntly thoughout the day, then they spilled on the pavements after midnight.. Disgusting, I have to inspects my trousers after a day-out in Bangkok streets in a daily basis.

Stray Dogs are everywhere and surprisingly they are quiet in spite of their obvious hunger.. Very sad. Women with infants on their laps begging for money are found on every street and bridge; One scene that I can’t stand and I had to see daily through out my vacation. Old blind men playing music and mutilated men begging for money. These pictures will be engraved in my memory. >_<

The Weather: Dry, Humid + very hot.. It rained the last few days before our departure which helped shifting our mood.

Temples are decorated with flowers and elephants statues in streets. People worship in silence while sandlewood sticks are burnt.

So many pictures and less writing about places that I visited and exhibitions I came across is next to come … ^_^


  1. chikapappi said,

    Glad you had fun 🙂 waiting for more pics

  2. "GreY" said,

    Stray Dogs , Insect dish ,traffic , humidity , rain , beggers , … Not the thailand i have imagined …. Planning my vacation elsewhere ….

    Glad you had fun !

  3. Amu said,

    interesting! gald you had fun 🙂 the last time I visited Thailand was in mid 90’s.

  4. rieaane said,

    Very well said, I can picture out now how Thailand looks like by the way you described it. BTW, I like the last photo 🙂

  5. Sis 4 You said, n my bro were together when we visited thailand last time. Umm..didn’t really like it that much. The smell of the streets still haunts me n I guessed it was from the edible insects hung up on the stalls. I remmeber when once this smell made me so dizzy I nearly fainted. I remmeber the tuk tuks , the auto rikshaws over there. One thing I really liked was the mad summer rain, and the beautiful scenery.
    I don’t blame u if u didn’t like it much.

  6. Hessa said,

    It was fun el-Himidillah but as you can see, it wasn’t a stress-free vacation.

    My face was a question mark in the first few daya!! I was telling my uncle is this Thailand ?? I couldn’t believe it, but on the other hand and to be fair, I only went to Bangkok; the capital. So I didn’t visit any villages, countryside areas, beachs and Islands.. So I might give it another chance , without passing though Bangkok.. only in winter though,, because the hot climate is a no-no for a summer vacation. But that won’t be any time soon .. ^_^

    hmm, so was it similar to my impression and how was your experince? …

    I’m sorry if I shattered any images you had for Thailand, like I did with Grey … but Truth need to be told .. ^_^ .. The last one is my Fav. that way it’s larger than the others… Inspite of the traffic, smelly streets… there was always something extra that would make it interesting to watch. The last photo says that… Beyond my experience, I was able to capture moments that I would treasure for the rest my life and as a human being, I grown alot. El-Himidillah I knew that I’m lucky in various aspects of my life. Iam thankful to be privileged. One thing I should note is that, although they (Thai people) are poor, they are smiling & complaining (Of everything) all the time==> Very Funny

    I hear you sis… So true.. I loved Tuk-Tuks , they are everywhere and are so much fun… But not ideal for people with breathing problems, the desiel is overwhelming … It is nice to hear other people points of view. I did it like it because it’s down to earth and you can mix with the community and learn about the culture/tradition. On other hand, when you’ve been told that you are visiting a paradise.. you believe what you hear, so you can imgaine my visual trumatic experience … hehhehe

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