Reynolds Chairs of Yew Wood

August 10, 2007 at 10:31 pm (Home & Furniture, Lifestyle, Shopping)

These are rare 1950’s yew wood chairs designed by Alan Reynolds. They retail for 95£ (50KD approximaltely) each. I don’t find them elegant but if you want a contemporary look to your dinin/living room with a link to 1600s; their style can deliver. Not for everybody taste, but they can be, if they are used and placed wisely.

I was looking up Yew wood and found that they were used widely in the world during 1960s, especially in Europe. Nowaday, It’s hard to find this type of wood becaus most countries managed to enforce laws to potect their forests and the wild life (Well Done to that). One thing I found which is very interesting; The Yew tree is known as the Tree of Immortility…?!?!?!


  1. chikapappi said,

    I think those chairs are a waste of good trees! that is ugly!

  2. 'GreY' said,

    KD50 for a chair ? Man ! thats way too much ! but they look nice though !

  3. CeCe said,

    I’ve never heard of that tree before. This is a very interesting post.

    I don’t find those chairs to look elegant or anything.

  4. mishref said,

    I think they are more for decoration than for actual human use.

  5. Rayboy said,

    IT reminds me of flintstones.

  6. Hessa said,


    I agree with you.. but they are not that ugly.. They won’t win a beauty contest but they are ok.. I actually sat on one them. they were so waxy ( That what I like) BUT.. the 3 legs are ridiculous .. I normally place my legs underneath any chair, but this one.. a leg is left, the other is right.. I can’t sit like that, and people who would visit might not like their style, so had to leave without buying anything (They were the only thing that caught my eye without being overpriced)

    They are good quality thought so they can be a good investement as far as the sales-lady told me.. but I didn’t like sitting on them. I have to be aware of my legs. body language and potential slipping (Because of the waxy surface).

    Me either. I did my own research after seeing few on display (To be exact, 8 were left.. they were sold like candy canes==> Summer Sale) I think they are sold out by now.. You didn’t like them !! Do you have a traditional/classic taste ?? They would raise eyebrows. Their presence in my opinion is for aesthetic purposes only and add a bit of color to a room

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by … I agree with you, that what I think they should be used anyway.

    Hahahah…. They are from the wood age then.^_^ Welcome … Thanks for participating

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