Prepare to be Frightened!

August 9, 2007 at 8:46 am (Entertainment, Movies, News)

Although I’m a fan of horror movies, I can’t say the same about the ‘Saw’ Franchise… I love all their posters and the new ones that were released recently did not disappoint me. For ‘Saw’ Fans…Soon, you will be re-united with a new ‘Jigsaw’ Story. The story is a continuation of ‘Saw III’ storyline’, reported by a number of entertainment websites (Not for me then, as I haven’t seen any of the saw Sequels .. It is set for a release date of 26/10/07…

The first one on the left is my Favourite:



  1. CeCe said,

    There’s something unique and frighting about Saw movies. I liked ’em all. So wicked! Can’t wait for this one… I must agree with you. The first poster is best. 😉

  2. bored said,

    nice posters, o if u like scary movies check out 1408, i just saw it and thought it was good

  3. Hessa said,


    I loved the first one, but I wasn’t able to watch the second as I read bad reviews about it at that time… I don’t what, but every time I see the word ‘Saw’ I think of ‘Scream’ .. The first one is very good and for us (Medics+dentist)==> Good old memories..


    Welcome Mr ‘Bored’.. I saw 1408.. Liked but had some problems with my DVD’s english subtitles… Few scenes are subtitled, other are not… At some point, it was a game of guessing .. I re-plan to watch it as we are preparing an asian month next January when I’m here for Christmas… Thanks for stopping by.

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