Disturbia (2007)

August 8, 2007 at 3:58 pm (Entertainment, Movies, Reviews)

Kale; a teeneger who is traumatised emotionally after the death of his father in a car accident. He’s been sentenced to house arrest after unleashing a violent act upon his own teacher. Due to the boredom associated with the sentence, he shifts his attention on his neighborhood. He suspects that one of his neighbours is a serial killer ?!?!
As I love mystery/thriller stories, I checked this movie while I was on my plane to Kuwait. I had the time of the world and I couldn’t sleep due to the presence of my companion ‘Amir’.. I decided to wear my headphones and watch it.
The story is nothing original, a rebellious kid trys to be a detective. Too many easy opportunities to check on the neighbour( Suspect) and we get the usual response from the adults: ‘He’s just a kid who wants attention’… Very typical!!! As a result, we have to indure predictable scenes so that Kale find the evidence to his suspicion.
The movie is not memorable, although I had enjoyed myself watching it. It’s doesn’t hold a ‘Buy’ tag on it. It’s a ‘Rent’ movie to be watched with your freinds on a Wednesday night. Acting wise is average although I found the ‘Suspected Neighbour’ creepy; very creepy, that I wouldn’t want to have a neighbour like him living next door to me.


( None that caught my ears.. so None this time)

My Verdict: 6/10 …. If you don’t have anything else to do, watch it to kill your time…


  1. CeCe said,

    Liked your review on this. I am actually downloading it…. Will give mine as soon as I am done watching it. 😉 Thanks.

  2. newq8bride said,

    yah just like u i watched this movie in the plane 2 and as u said watch it to kill time 🙂

    thanx for give my blog a visit

  3. 'GreY' said,

    Come on David morse is not that scary .. you should watch him in Green mile , i like him .
    About distubia …cheap imitation of Hitchcocks Rear window , which is a classic master peice … I didnt like disturbia …the hot girl is the only plus point …and OMG what have they done to Kate Moss ? She looks so old !

  4. Hessa said,

    Sarah :
    It’s not a bad movie, but if you are bored and don’t want to watch a moving-teary Drama .. I would say, Go for it…it least it’s entertaining … During the movie, I didn’t check the time every now and then, maybe because I was tired + I wanted to sleep but couldn’t >_<. I’m glad that you liked my humble review ..

    Seriously, I wrote this review in 3 days..Why? Because I didn’t know what to write, (I didn’t remember a thing ) so after a good 30 minutes workout, I started writing in the 3rd day .. finished in 10 hours .. I write 1 sentence .. Then watch something on TV.. come back and wrote another one ,, followed by 1 hour internet surfing …

    Welcome dear, So we agree on the importance of watching movies like this one,to kill time … ^_^ .. Thanks for stopping by .. and I really like your blog ‘New Bride’

    He is !! Grey, He was so creepy.. I can’t say because I will spoil the story.. But he was!!
    Green Mile .. It’s been 4 years since I watched that movie .. I don’t remember him in ‘Green Mile’ , so I can’t comment on his role .. Need to re-watch it .. But I need more than 24 hours a day …*___*. It was’t a remake but you got a point .. but it’s a teen movie, so they need ideas from different sources..
    So you didn’t like it !!.. But let’s for killing time and you didn’t anything to do, will you consider watching? I will watch it to kill time, but I don’t think I will re-watch it (even, if it was for killing time ==> I konw there will be other movies that would fit (Kill the time ) category ‘
    I didn’t like the girls, she’s only there so that the our house-arrested detective would have romantic relationship (Side polt, that doesn’t add anything to the story).. Kate Moss.. She was there ?? Well, she’s old from these drugs that she use constantly.. I feel sorry for her daughter…

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