Hail Scarlett !!!

August 5, 2007 at 9:24 pm (Expensive Items, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping)

New ads for ‘Louis Vittion’ House …

She is not a model, so don’t expect America Next Top Model’s photos:

# Love the bag, hate that intimedating look.

# Her best picture, Hate the bag (too Fury)

# Is she made of wax? but I love the bag colors

# How uncomfertable is that with one ugly bag (minimum $600 *_*)

# 2nd best picture although she’s too wooden, but that coat is mine…


Former communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev and French actress Catherine Denueve joined her in the ‘LV’ campaign


My apology for the pictury post but I couldn’t help.. I’ve been looking at these poctures for 3 days now. I couldn’t resist… My brother has a reason to check my blog now ^_^.


  1. shosho said,

    I noticed the red coat too, I love it!!!

    I wonder how it would look on a taller person, with her petite figure anything Scarlett wears looks cute.

  2. CeCe said,

    Thanks to the photographer. The bags aren’t that good. Maybe just a couple. As for Scarlett, she is beautiful, but her pose were kinda freaky. Dunno… :/

  3. Ansam said,

    yeah i just cant connect Scarlet Johansen with LV!

  4. 'GreY' said,

    eww! she looks plagued ! I like her in her ‘normal’ ..as in ‘in good company’ type .

    Nice bags though !

  5. rieaane said,

    You’re tagged, check my blog! 🙂

  6. Amu said,

    lol..good way to get your brother here 🙂

  7. Hessa said,

    The red coat is one masterpeice. AH, if I can find one .. I’m petite but I wouldn’t trust the picture. Lots of photoshop went to it. You need to try it yourself ^_^. welcome ShoSho…

    I totally agree with you, she’s so wooden that you wouldn’t believe that she’s human.. (Is that a good thing*_*??)

    She brought customers to LV, no doubt about that. For decads, LV was associated with the Old, rich aristocrats, but Scarlet openned the door for young vibrant ordinary people to be part of the company … 5 years ago, you wouldn’t see people walking on the street holding LV bags.. Now, you might see 10 holding LV bags (9 Copies + 1 Authentic) … What a force?

    Yeah, She looks a bit distant and uncomfertable.. Is that what an Ad supposed to feel?? Are you planing to buy one for the wife, then ^_^

    Sure, Rie .. I will check it ensh-allah

    I know ^_^, but will it work ???

  8. CeCe said,

    Well, I don’t blame her for looking that way. I blame the photographer and the poeple who made her look that way. 😛

  9. rekoo said,

    since am a guy i can’t comment on purses 😛 but i can comment on how scarlett is breathtaking actress 😛

    love your blog doctor!

    see you soon

  10. Hessa said,


    ^_^… She’s being paied paid to pose!! Can we see her comfertable and approachable at least..


    Thanks for stopping Mr Rekoo… Well, you can if you want gift a pyrse/bag for your mother/sister… ^_^… and you won’t get a negative remark about scarlet from a guy!!! You (men) can’t see a flaw in her no matter what ^__^ (Typical !!)… Don’t get me wrong.. I think she’s a good actress but there is far more better actresses …

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