My MARUKAWA chewing gum

August 2, 2007 at 2:34 pm (food, Japanese, Lifestyle, Shopping)

The one and only chewing gum that I wouldn’t live without. I didn’t think that they are popular in Kuwait and according to the manufacturer, Kuwait is one of 5 countries that they ship to, in the middle east.

In the UK, were it’s easy to buy Sushi’s ingredients and certain other items form the Far East, MARUKAWA’s products are not sold there. Actaully, they are not sold in the whole continent of Europe?!?!

I couldn’t order from Amazon, as the UK’s customs can be your best friend sometimes, and the last thing I wanted to happen, is to have a problem with them over few packs of chewing gums that are not worth more than 1KD which might jeopardize any shipment that I order.

So, Plan 1 for my summer; Buy as much as I can for September.^_^

Did you know that ‘The Tatto Buble Gum'(Check the following picture) is made by the same company ???

They have so many flavours but the ‘Melon’ Flavour is new to me!!!


  1. حصونه said,

    صج ان الحين صار فيه علج اكسترا بكافة النكهات
    لكن مايعني ان ننسى هالعلوج اللذيذ

    بوست ماكو منه

  2. Carlsb3rg said,

    Always get those in gerge3an bags 😀

  3. "Grey" said,

    Oh My before i got my 12 fillings done ! i ate these chewing gums for breakfast , lunch and dinner … miss them now !

  4. Blasha said,

    love them

  5. eshda3wa said,

    ooh i never tried the melon flavor either!

  6. MishMisha said,

    allaaaaaaaah!!! il7een 7addi ishtahaita!!

    those were the good days ^_^

  7. rieaane said,

    I love the strawberry one, so yummy 🙂

  8. Amu said,

    I love them 🙂

  9. Hessa said,


    حياج معانا .. و كلامج صحيح, اللي ماله اول اكيد ماله تالي .. حتى في العلوج ..
    مع ملاحظة اننا نحمل نفس الإسم …^_^..


    Who said that chewing gum is not healthy for for your teeth and oral hygine. I advise my patients to chew gums as they stumulate the secretion of saliva which contains buffering agents that help fighting decay and caries.. The dentist in me is writing here ^__^.


    Join the Club…& welcome …


    Me neither… I assume they are not available in Kuwait as I have never seen them here. We need a trip to Japan ASAP ^_^


    My favourite as well… ^_^


    Welcome back, Salamat and ensha’allah you are doing fine after the fever.. and you’re not the only one.. Join the MAUKAWA Club.. ^_^

  10. markmcgraw95 said,

    hey i am not happy with this . Maybe you should write something on Spider man 3 or Evan Almighty or Transformers
    so i have something to say-
    GO SUCK A BUG!!!!

  11. 'GreY' said,

    So you are a dentist too ? that makes two dentisit bloggers here ! you and Dr Eshd3awa

  12. Hessa said,

    Markmcgraw 95:

    Why not ??? You seem intrested, otherwise you woldn’t post a comment..


    Yeah .. Really, Didn’t now that Eshada3a is a dentist as well .. I’m not officially , a dentist yet. One year to go and then I will join the crowd…^_^

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