Dancing Competition: Japan Vs Korea

July 29, 2007 at 10:19 am (Entertainment, Humor, Music, Video)

2 teams, defending their country’s honor. Just kidding!!! 

Each team consists of backup dancers of their respective countries. Hence; the title,’Japan VS Korea’.  This show  is similiar to these mainstram shows that are shown on MTV, and so the usual formula of 2 teams competing and chalanging each other with their dancing skills is induced here. I’m not a fan of these shows, but I enjoy entertainment to a certain degree.

I’m astonished with the korean men’s skills.. They are so good… Maybe, because I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Check the video; and be warned it’s 9 minutes long !!

One thing I need to warn you of, is the presence of presenter Sarina Suzuki,, She’s so annoying and loud. God !!! Sometimes, presenters need to stand behind and watch, rather than giving their pointless input.

Who do you think is better ?.. ^_^


  1. Sara Shuaibi said,

    I might watch it later although I am not very much interested in these stuff either.

  2. 'GreY' said,

    it was awesome ,more of who can dance on their hands than any real break dance ,,,, its much of kungfu dance … but i enjoyed every minute of it

  3. Hessa said,

    Sara Shuaibi:

    Give it a try, you will enjoy it.. I promise you that ^_^


    Tell me about it, Their routines are not the usual routines that you watch on shows like ‘So you Think You Can Dance’, etc.. I enjoyed it as well, and I will keep an eye on You tube, to watch new clips of the show… ^_^ (I’m hooked)

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