Happy Birthday, Hessa

July 26, 2007 at 11:19 am (Personal)

Today I turn 23 years old. and guess how would I spend the day?? I have ptients in the hospital so no celebrtions or cke for the day. I’m thankful for all these nice wishes form friends and to my fellow readers.. Thank you…

Tomorrow, I’m flying to my Beloved Kuwait and I can’t wait to see my parents and family members.

As a side Note; I’m getting old >_<   ..

Happy day for all of you


  1. Sara Shuaibi said,

    Wishing you a happy birthday!

  2. "Grey" said,

    Sorry i am late !

    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday ! May God bless you and keep you safe , My God prosper u and watch over you where ever you go .

    Dont feel sad for getting old …early twenties are better than early thirties… but always be 16 at heart !! 😛

  3. "Grey" said,

    Something is wrong ! i tried before to leave a comment but it’s not accepting anyways try no 6

    Happy Birthday Hessa !

    May God bless you and Keep you safe , May God watch over your coming and going . May God Prosper you , may you always be the head never the tail …

    Dont feel bad 23 is not as bad as 33 …stay 16 at heart..

    i hope you get to read this…..

  4. Blue dress said,

    Happy Birthday.

    Watch the secret.

    You’re not getting old it’s just a number stop thinking about it.

    AyY. Spread the love!

  5. eshda3wa said,


    oo to9leen belsalama

  6. rieaane said,

    Wish you a hundred more birthdays to come…you’re still too young sweetie! 🙂

  7. Hessa said,


    Thanks for the kind wishes my dear


    No, you’re not late, at all.. I have no idea why wordpress is not recognising you ID`?? This is the second time that such a thing happen?!?! .. Thank you so much for these kind words.. I saved them.. thank you!
    I know I shouldn’t complain about my age but it’s the fact that I feel old and because I have only one year to go and then, I will be working, earning my own money that’s a huge step for me..

    and Yes, If your heart is young, you are still young and you have so many thing to do in your life.

    Blue Dress:

    thanks Blue, You’r right it is only a number but it is a significant one ^_^


    Thanks very much, this the second time you wish a happy birthday.. So sweet of you .. and I’m finally here in Kuwait … ( Allah Yesalmech) .. Dididn’t go any place yet, but still recovering from my Jet-Lag

    Thanks , Rie. Hope you are doing alright and you are Flu-Free.. Too young!!!! ^__^ Young for me is any age below 18!!!

    Thanks all for all of your kind wishes^_^

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