Stress, Luggage’s and flights

July 25, 2007 at 6:49 pm (Personal)


In the last few days, I was tired, stressed and out of place, emotionally and physically. My trouble is called Flying, I hate everything related to planes. I start to feel nervous a week before my flight, I worry about my weight allowance, I feel that I didn’t bring enough gifts and presents for family member and friends. Although I spend loads of time, energy, though and money in finding gifts for each person, I feel that they won’t like it. My mother always says that the thought counts, not how much did I spend on this and that? I know that I sear, but I want to see happiness in people’s eye. I like to give rather than Take.


Making matter worse, I can’t sleep. As a result, I have headaches all the time and it’s hard to concentrate sometimes. The funny thing is, tomorrow I have patients coming in and so I need to be clam and relaxed as I’m not going to see them for 6 weeks. I need to leave a good impression.   


This time, I decided to shake the system a bit. Well, my functional system. I planned what I need to do which was piece of cake. Due to the fact that we are in our final week, each group wants to go out and have dinner as a farewell gesture before we meet next year. It was nice of them to plan the meal and it will be rude of me not to turn up although it was hectic… Going to restaurants 5 times in last 10 days. I had to order salads and soft drinks sometimes as I don’t like eating out very often.


‘Me’ time :I decided to go to a Spa, 3 weeks ago so that I will be relaxed by the time I go home, but it’s hard to find a girls only spa. I saw some flyers but I would going to pales that are far away from and in areas that I’m not familiar with. So, no Spa for me this time. Ensha’allah next time!!!


To make it worse, my birthday is tomorrow and I don’t feel like a birthday girl. I just want to reach Kuwait. Less than 48 hours to go … Stay Focus Hessa!


  1. Carlsb3rg said,

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. eshda3wa said,


    u can always go to a spa when u get home

    fee pretty good ones!

    too9leen belsalama inshallah

  3. 'GreY' said,

    Happy B’day ! You know you can never satisfy family members over gifts , so just give what you felt like and dont expect any thanks in return , your mom is right the thought that counts ….same here ! to some of my unsatisfied family members i am giving just my thoughts ! no more gifts ….

  4. Hessa said,


    Thank you ^_^


    Thank you .. I wanted to go to a Spa to be refreshed infront of family members, after 4 months of absence.. Besides, I’m not that knowledgable about good Spa’s in Kuwait. Allah Yesalmech … BTW: Did I tell you that I like your Nick Name?!!


    Thanks … It’s hard with family memebers because you like to surprise them every time, I think that’s just me and I wish I can reach the level of not bringing gifts to every single memeber although I know, that they don’t appreciate what I bring. One day, I hope … and will continue to hope ^__^

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