What’s your body age?

July 21, 2007 at 4:11 pm (Health, Lifestyle)


The main question : Are you yonger than your years or aging  before your time?

Start with your actual age.If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, add or substract years to find your body age.

1- Do you get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (eg. walking) on most days of the week?

→ YES. Subtract 1 year

2- Are you the correct weight for your height?

→ YES. Subtract 1 year

3- Are you under stress or pressure on a regular basis?

→ YES. Add 4 years.

4- Do you often eat refined, pre-packaged and processed food?

→ Yess. Add 4 years.

5- Have you experinced three or more stressful events in the past year (Such as divorce or seperation, bereavement, job loss, moving house)?

→ Yess. Add 3 years.

6- Do you eat five or more portions of a range of fresh fruit and veg every day?

→ Yess. Subtract 5 years.

7- Are you vegeterian?

→ Yess. Subtract 2 years.

8- Do you eat oily fish three times a week?

→ Yes. Subtract 2 years.

9- Are you happily married ?

→ Yes. Subtract 1.5 years.

10- Do you smoke?

→ Yes. Add 6 years.

From ‘Goddess: Be the Woman You want to be’ By Elisabeth Wilson

Everybody try it and post yor score and whether is above/below your real age…

I’m going first:

21 was the score which is below my real age … well, by 2. I’m proud to younger than my real age.. so, Who’s going next?


  1. dandoon said,

    I got 20 and I’m 22!

  2. sknkwrkz said,

    phew 28 and i’m 30 😛

    thank heavens for fruit and oily fish 😛

  3. EniGma said,

    Got something even better 4 u, found it 2 days ago actually and was gonna posvct abt it bes ma kan ly khelg 😛


    I am 5 years above my real age! 😦 Mainly cuz of my driving, surprisingly.

  4. Carlsb3rg said,

    The question is If I do all the “subtract” things, will my body really be TEN years old? I think this thing is directed to +30 yo people mainly.

  5. VHB said,

    I’ve got 3 years extra, 24 —- 27
    is it accurate?

    nice one

  6. Hessa said,


    Well done, Keep up the good work ^_^, Thanks for joining us.


    Well done for you as well, Your right, these Omega-3 oils in fish are un-replacable. Thanks for stopping by.

    Good site with a very good info. The test I posted isn’t 100% accurate unless other examinations can be performed but it gives a rough idea, how are you treating your body and if you having a good healthy lifestyle. So, how come your driving have a negative effect on you? Try to change something simple, not a drastic change .. eg. waking up early, trying to eat fruits/vegetables, walking for at least 15 minutes. Little things can make a difference, but you need to be motivated.


    The test gives you a rough idea of your body’s health, if you’re score is less than your actual age that good because it shows that your taking care of your body, and vice versa. The test is directed for 20+, and rememebr, it depends on your answers eg. if your answer different from the one that is stated above, don’t do anything and move to the following question. YES doesn’t mean add all the time, it depends on the answers written with each question… For example. in Q1: it asks f you exercise for 30 minutes.. if you said yes: substract 1 year and if you answered with a No, then don’t add/substract anything and try the following questions in the saem format.


    As i said it’s not 100% acuurate, but it insepcts your life style to see if any changes need to be amended for a healthier/happier life. As i mentioned to EniGMa earlier, that sometimes you need to make an extra effort to improve something about your life style. This test is not criticizing anybody’s way of life, it’s a way to see/cheack how healthy you are and if you need to make any changes. it’s good in helping you realize if anything need to be adjusted and if your in the right path in making sure that your life style is an Anti-Aging lifestyle to your own body …

    Anybody interested to knowing more about their body, cheack the book that I mentioned earlier in the post as this test had been copied from this book.

    Thanks for commenting everybod, and keep up the good work and remember to make your health always a priority no matter what!

  7. Amu said,

    i am 25 turning 26 in a week and my score was 20.

  8. Carlsb3rg said,

    I already know that. What im trying to say is, if I do all the ‘postive’ things, I’ll end up being aged 10. And as far as I know, a +20 yo body is far more healthier ( example immune system) and developed than a 10 year old body.

  9. EniGma said,

    I did the test that was available in the website i mentioned. They add things like youre driving habits, and other lifestyle habits. And in the end, they give you tips on how to improve and send you an email reminder after 3 months to take the test again. Inshallah once I’m done with summer course I’ll start changing things slowly like sleeping patterns and eating well and exercising (which I don’t have time for). Right now, I’m definitely changing my bad driving habits and I’ll probably pass by Boots and pick up multivitamins. Like u said, small things which will make a difference.

  10. Hessa said,


    Masha’allah, well done to you… you should be proud.. Going to them gym and eating our 5s a day, will make a difference.


    Sorry for mis-understanding you. The test is not about counting how old is your body? It’s more about the life style influence on your own body age. You can be a 40 years old man and by doing all the right things towards your body , you might end up with a very healthy body of 20s. So, the healthier you are, the younger your body will be, it’s not about numbers as it’s about body response in the long term to your lifestyle.

    BTW, when you’r younger, you immune system is strongest, and even when yor immune system defends your body against any invading organism and simple example is that Chicken Pox, children needs light diet and rest but when an adult gets infected, he/she might die because of the body’s complex reaction to the organisms.

    Have a nice healthy body by embracing an adequate lifestyle.


    That’s very good. It’s important that we make sure we lead a healthy lifestyle so that we have healthy body, adequate health and lead a happy life. It’s good that they (the Site) would keep up with you to ensure that any adjustments would be chalenged to ensure they are healthy and would lead to a healthier body.
    Your on the road to make a difference as you ackowledged the problem (Driving habits) and your motivated enough to change your habits … Well done .. I admire your motivatation … & Good Luck

    BTW; don’t forget to inform us of your progress…

  11. Carlsb3rg said,


    According to the internet, “People between 20 and 40 years of age tend to have the strongest immune systems.” and NOT children or teenagers.

    I agreee that smoking or stress at my age would add a few years, but if I eat fruit every morning and do the rest of the positive things, yes it would make me healthy, but it will not make my body 10 years old. Hence my point that these questions are aimed for people who are aged more than 30 years at least.

  12. rieaane said,

    wow, this is cool my result was 9.5 years younger than my real age 😀 haha!

  13. 'GreY' said,

    my result was 29.5 ,my real age 33 ….. good one thanks !

  14. Hessa said,


    I wouldn’t consult the internet for any medical information unless it’s from medical journal websites, as some them might mislead the searcher and might give false information.
    I do undersant your point, but I don’t think that you understood mine.. In this post, I’m not looking at your real body age, it’s mostly a refelction of your lifestyle on your body. It’ doesn’t say that you are reduced your body age by 10 or 5, if it’s a positive or a negative infleunce. The larger the difference, the better, if the body age is less than the actual real age. That’s the point of the whole exercise. Sorry about the confusion.. and thanks for the healthy discussion..


    Well done Rie, Masha’allah ,, that’s amazing.. Keep the good work


    Well done for you , Grey.. The new baby, will be born into a very healthy life style .. ^_^

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