Guess the movie?

July 20, 2007 at 2:26 am (Entertainment, Movies)

He’s back … I’m not a fan, but the poor guy needs to be pay the mortgage…

Guess the movie??


Yes, It’s Rambo IV (The Fourth Installment)

The movie is going to be released in 2008. It’s currently being filmed in Thailand.It’s been assumed that it’s going to be a decant movie as Sly wanted to end the [Rambo] sage with a powerful movie, just like the way he did with ‘Rocky’..What do you think? Will it works bearing in mind Sly’s age and his inadequate acting abilities & will the action works in a decade were Sci-Fi is everything and where special effects can raise the profile of a movie and vise versa!!



  1. MrMMM said,

    I think that the movie will succeed, regardless of Stalone’s age ..

    we’ve all seen him and liked him in Rockey this year so his age won’t be a problem next year ..

    and about his acting, I don’t think that his acting is inadequate on the contrary his acting style is charismatic and unique specially for the roles he plays ..

  2. Hessa said,


    I agree with you in your intial point. Sly did a a good job in Rockey and the way he ended the saga was acceptable, considering hie age and the low budget. The movie was not a flob considering his other previous roles, but the audience love Rockey & Rambo,, They relate to them especially in this time and after Sept 11.

    On the other hand, I don’t agree with your 2nd point. In Sly Case, his other movie role weren’t a success. Do you remember ‘Get Carter’, and how it bombed. Yes, I agree Limited acting abilities don’t necessarily lead to character/supporting roles, and a number of actors are over-rated eg. Van Diesel; Doom for example got 60$ million USD in its first week. Charisma plays a major role in the Box-office, but you right. In the USA, media plays a major role in renovating star profiles and their images. Maybe in few years, we’ll see D.Backham starring in an Oscar nominated role!! Now, that will be hilarious.

  3. Hitman1 said,

    OH my….. I think Stallone should just DIE….DIE!!! do us all a favor and just DIEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. Amu said,

    Am I allowed to cheat little bit please?? I dont know the answer 😦 but all I know is that I know the guy as ROCKEY 😀 so where is my price? 😛

  5. "GreY' said,

    i think it will suck like Rocky VI …..

  6. Hessa said,


    Apparently you are Anti-Sly, ^___^,, The poor man wants to finish off his masterpeices. I don’t think that we will see him any new movie. He’s not bankable. I read that he was linked to the Tubac biopic which has been in pre-production from 5 years now!! Thanks for dropping a line Hitman


    How could you?? Your forgiven. Sylvester characters are always the same, He’s able to show emotions (Well, Tough guy frown ) but in a span of more than 20 years, he only showed us one type of emotions. You’re able to know that he’s Rocky, and Rambo are similar, so well done … Sly’s fans won’t be happy reading my comments about him.


    Do you think so? I think it will perform similar to Rocky. Don’t forget that the budget of the movie is not big, I think it’s 20-30 million USD and even if it manages to bank 10-15 million, the DVD sales/Rentals will help raise the profit. I don’t think that Rocky failed, it gave us an acceptable conclusion to Rocky and we want the same for Rambo..
    Few months and we will see how it was going to preform financially and critically ?!

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