Evolution of Sandals

July 18, 2007 at 11:45 am (Fashion, Trends)

First; What would you call it… Shoes/sandals/boots??

I know that fashion is evolving , but not like that !!!

These are marked as ‘Best Seller’ in some retail shops here in the UK, which I don’t get.

Would you wear something like that? and if the answer is yes,, When ??

and, Will you buy them as a gift for a friend/wife/sister?


  1. Amu said,

    I would call them sandals….Lollll I am sure not gonna wear them but wouldn’t mind buying it for someone though :p

  2. "GreY' said,

    i’l wear them if i was going to a drag queen partay ! he he … just kidding … they are cute i woudnt mind gifting them to someone i love

  3. Hessa said,


    So you prefer ‘ Sandals’ !! I don’t think that I am going to wear hideous shoes like them, No, I must not wear anything like them. I might consider buying them as a surprise gift, not as a birthday gift. I don’t think that they qualify, unless that person (who you are gifting) likes things like them.


    Hehehe! A Drag Queen Party!! & in Kuwait !!! That’s a best seller…

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