The Prince and Me (2004)

July 17, 2007 at 10:46 pm (Movies, Reviews)

  After the huge success of ‘The Princess Diaries’ and it’s less than great sequel, It was expected that this ‘Royal Fantasy’ trend would continue. The following movie would not disappoint you if you are already a fan of the genre, especially for you girls who dream of Prince charming riding on a white horse. I loved ‘The Princess Diaries’, I found its creativity and novelty splendid and these awkward comical scenes completed the magical spell. The movie was good for so many different reasons and one of them is that it didn’t rely on fantasy so that the audience could relate to. The sequel was not as original as it was expected.. They were (The producers) milking a golden cow, but it was acceptable nevertheless.

Returning to ‘The Prince and Me’,, The roles changed .. The royal was a prince, a man this time and what is better than linking him with good looking girl and fast forward to the ‘Happily ever After ‘scene. Well, not quite. The Prince ‘Eddie’ leaves Denmark so that he can enjoy the American life where girls are easy to lure without Paparazzi snapping his pictures playing around. He‘s selfish, arrogant and isn’t keen on taking any responsibility in spite of his Father (The King) poor health and his mother monotonous requests. Moving to Paige; The farm girl who is determined to follow her dreams and be a doctor. In other words, she’s a geek whome randomly seen without a book. Introduce Him to her and a fantasy tale would take us through the movie.

Unfortunately, It didn’t work for me, It was so annoyingly fake that I kept pausing the movie and watching something else on the TV (Criminal Minds & CSI: Miami). The plot seemed lacking.  The actors seemed bored especially Mr Prince who was so corny and very annoying. His companion/servant stole all the scenes that he shared with his fellow actors with his comical portrayal of the faithful servant. I loved his accent, by the way. Julia was good; she did what was expected from her, nothing great but at least she didn’t disappoint. She seemed the only one who enjoyed participating in the movie, I don’t blame her. She’s was in every single scene, treated like a princess, Lived a fairytale and was paid a nice salary for her work, although I don’t think that her role required a lot of work. The soundtrack was good and I enjoyed listening to the tracks. All in all, the movie will appeal to women, young unmarried women particularly, but that doesn’t mean that men won’t like it, but I suspect that.


… Recommended for Girls night out.. Worth renting.

… Score: 6/10

Question arised:

         Would the Royal Family in Denmark, accept the movie’s portrayal of the prince life style?

         Why chose Denmark, if you’re actors speak English accent and quote Shakespeare?

         The royal Family should speak in Dutch,, We are using Denmark as a sitting, why English is used to open the parliament sessions ?

Memorable Quotes:

Queen: Being royal requires you to sacrifice who you are for who you must be.


–  Paige: Denmark isn’t ready for a Queen like me.

   Eddie: Well then they’ll have to be. Because I am



  1. rieaane said,

    I didn’t watch this movie yet but after reading your post I think I should 🙂
    “Being royal requires you to sacrifice who you are for who you must be.” haha, if that would be the case then I’m happy to be a common!

  2. Ra-1 said,

    I like it 🙂 and hate part 2 :/
    Dont ever think of watching part 2, another actress plays the princess!!!

  3. Hessa said,


    Give it a go Rie, but don’t give it too much credit, It’s good but not as original as it should be. I love being a commoner, because I can be who I want to be without any inflence and authority by anyone but myself and be able to turn my dreams into reality. Royals can not be themselves because they are not able to control their own life. Everything has a protocol and that includes kissing your own kid which I found very extreme. Having a life that I can mould and shape, can not be recompense with anything in the world.


    I didn’t know, that there is a sequel but when I was loking for pictures, I was shocked to know that. It was expected , but I don’t think it was shown in cinemas, I think it’s straight to video as no stars or big stars were attached to the movie. Because they changed Julia even if she wasn’t good), you can’t get rid of a lead actor and replace him/her with somebody else. So, Don’t worry; I’m not going to watch it anyway. Thanks for dropping by

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