Do you miss them ?

July 5, 2007 at 12:00 am (Entertainment, Humor, TV)

– Doug and his overweight problems… Poor man, even his wife teases him about his weight issues. So mean!

– When Doug is romantic, you know for a fact that he’s thinking of a cheesecake or a dozen of doughnuts.

– Carrie & her accent.. especially when she pronounces ‘Coffee’.

– Arther ‘Carrie’s Dad’ and his rants that are a joy to watch.. In one episode, they hired a dog walker to walk him .. Pure genius.

– Doug & Carrie’s love for children although they don’t have one. Doug was shown to be better than Carrie in caring and nurturing infants when he was asked to babysit them in a number of episodes.

– Doug & Deacon (His co-worker and best friend).. always watching sports in front the TV..

– It’s a shame that this sitcom was ended

King of Queens

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