Gifts Dilemma

July 4, 2007 at 4:50 pm (Fashion, Personal, Shopping)

A friend is celebrating her 22nd birthday today, and I completely forget. I was aware that she celebrate her birthday 2-3 weeks before my birthday but I can’t believe how I didn’t manage to rememeber. I decided to go shopping to find a good gift because she’s a freind that I like personally. The problem was that she wanted to go shopping and a freind of mine who was going with me asked her to tag alone. I was devestated because I wanted to buy a gift and obviuosly I can’t do infront her. Unfortanutely, it has to be dlayed for another day .. Probely Tomorrorw so I can go and buy her a good gift.

– Baggy Bag/ Starw Basket .. She’s doesn’t like trendy bags..

– French Coin/Clip Purse ( Which I think is so cute)

– Apple Pendant Necklace ( Comes in Yellow, Blue, Green & Red)- I’ll pick the red as it matches the previous items

I think these items would make the perfect gif, as I don’t know her style.. Elegant, Cute and simple= Beauty

I might check ‘The Body Shop’ to add a small fragrence to complete the collection …

The previous itmes can be found in ‘Top Shop’ Stores.

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