Concert For Diana; Sunday 1/07/07

July 2, 2007 at 9:12 pm (Entertainment, News)

I heard a lot about this concert … A big concert in a stadium with a history like Wimbly in Princess Diana’s honour would generate a lot of attention and I, for sure, would not miss it. When Diana was alive, I was so into her, reading what’s written about her in the newspapers, following everything and anything with Diana’s name on it. I’m not like that now, but I know how media made me crave for Diana and It did a very good job. When Diana died back in 1997, I asked my dad who was in business trip to the UK by September for anything but it had to be about Diana. I didn’t care what it is, I just wanted something with Diana’s picture on it. That was Diana’s magic 10 years ago on a 14 years old girl.

10 Years later, I still admire her, but do I think of her the same way I thought of her 10 years ago? I don’t think so. She made courageous movements but also stupid mistakes. She was the princess of the hearts but she deceived the closest people to her. She was a human after all and I can’t judge her based on stories and newspaper clippings.

 Back to the concert. I couldn’t go for 2 reasons.. The first; the unpredictable weather and secondly I didn’t want to go to a concert where I don’t know half of the people who are going to sing there. I caught a glimpse of it on TV though and I was surprised that the stadium was not full. It is a concert arranged by her sons and they attended the event , so I expected roaring, screaming and buzzing. 

I hope that they managed to raise a good amount of money for the charities.

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