Weather & UK’s Airport Security

July 1, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Manchester, News, Personal, Travel)

… It didn’t stop raining for the last 3 days …

I love the raining day but not when accompanied with wind..

My poor plants are dying from the heavy rain …

On the other hand, Rain is a bless and a sign of growth & fertility …


Moving to the airports

Unfortunately, The security has been tightened in all airports in the UK, due to the recent alert to the 3 failed car bombings in London & Glasgow…The UK raised the state of alert to it’s highest …

I’m returning to Kuwait for the summer holidays in few Weeks , I hope the journey will be easy and smooth. The last thing I want is to carry these see-through carry bags and measure every single bag I own .. I just wish for the best and hopefully those terrorists will be caught.

So, Tourists … wait before you book your vacation, otherwise, you might not enjoy your time due to the security alert.


  1. "GreY' said,

    Summer vacation in Kuwait? This year gonna be the most hottest year ever !Anyways ! safe journey ! see ya soon !

  2. Hessa said,

    … I love Kuwait, No matter what… I lived there all my childhood and it gave me so much… Besides the A/C is there !!! .. Hopefully, It’s going to be a nice & Smoth journey … In another note, I’m getting bored with Cold/Rainy/Windy weather as Manchester’s weather is killing me over here so any change is welcome..

    Thanks for coming back Grey..

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