Video: 29th of June- iPhone day

June 30, 2007 at 3:34 pm (Gadgets, Humor, News, Technology, Video)

Has it been reported as ‘Sold Out’?

It will be interesting to see how did the public react to the launch of the iPhone.. The happiness of graping such a thing and the tearful eyes that were not lucky enough to buy one …


  1. The D man said,

    This gadget made a huge deal everywhere. Tmobile lost 200,000 users (They switched to AT&T to use the iPhone)…. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a plug-in-your-chip-to-go phone.

  2. Hessa said,

    The D Man:

    It’s was a best seller just because of the MP3+Phone formula. Give it 6 months and the hype will die.

  3. The D man said,

    Steve Jobs is a genius. iPhone advertisement campaign was really good. In addition he tried a different approach, we both know this isn’t the first MP3+Phone combination (Nokia, Motorolla etc..). The thing is, with the latter companies they made a phone with an mp3 playback feature in the case of the iPhone they made an MP3 player with a phone as a feature. They already knew iPods were a success so they just changed it around a bit and added connectivity in addition to the available iPod features… Come up with good ads… Set a release date and watch the monkeys jump.

  4. Hessa said,

    Totally agree with you, woithout a good ad, even the best instruments/ devices won’t be best sellers. It”s the same thing with movies, invest a larg sum of money and the chances are thet you get your money back within days and maybe hours…
    Don’t forget people are obsessed with anything new. It’s fine in today’s terms to spend 300$ in a phone or a small key chain to follow the craze and to be into fashion.
    Since when did mobile phones become fashion accessories?? But what would you expect from a superficial societies !!

    I’m not against buying the phone but it’s sad to see people queuing for days to buy a mobile phone!! It’s only a phone like any other phone in the market that’s not going to change your life.
    I’m proud to say that that I’m a proud owner of a 4 year old mobile phone which unfortunately is going to be replaced very soon due to old age and fatal illness. >_< (I will miss you, Karkoor)

  5. The D man said,

    I remember when I was in grade 8 or so a mobile was something we rarely see… Now 8 yr olds have the newest phone model if not two of them.
    Hah have you seen what they did for consoles such as PS3/XBOX360/N.WII they camped for weeks lol. I recall passing by an electronic store where they actually setup camping tents on the sidewalk.
    LOL you named your phone. I just recently got rid of my 3 yr old phone (I should’ve called it 3abas)… I went in the mobile shop somewhere in mrgab and I was like, listen I don’t want a phone with 45 cameras and seven thousand features, just give me a non glitchy phone… and indeed he did, best phone i ever got so far crappy camera and really simple.. the way I like it.

  6. Hessa said,

    Exactly…10 years ago, you can only get a phone when you finish high school and be a university student… but know, my 8 year old cousin has his own mobile that was replaced 3 times already. When I went abroad, my dad suggested buying a mobile phone and that was 4 years ago. My ‘Karkoor’ (Nokia 6800) doesn’t have a camera and Bluetooth … Unfortunately; Karkoor is dying and will be replaced by a new phone very soon. I need to find a name for the new addition.

    I’m thinking of naming him … Tamer from ‘Al-Nemer Al-Mokane3- The masked lion’.. Cool, don’t you think?

    Camping Tents in Kuwait?? Well the mania is every where, How lucky are we?? Congratulations on the new phone. I don’t think it matters if the phone was used especially if there is no problem with its functions. At least you know how to spend your hard earned money. Half of Kuwaiti – most of them actually- spend all their salary without saving 1 KD. They shop till they drop and they don’t care about the bank statement, but they know how to complain when the salary vanishes before the end of the month.

  7. The D man said,

    I’ve only had 3 phones throughout. I can see why though; everyone is getting so worried about their children they give them the privilege of a mobile phone only failing to realize that they are children, who not surprisingly abuse that privilege. I’m sure a decent 60 K.D. phone would be the same as a 150 K.D. phone. Hmm.. I’m not so fond of Tamer! Name him 3atrees if he’s pink/red or ka3bool if it’s black. Very delicate names indeed.

    Lol no not camping tents in Kuwait, first kuwaitis won’t do that even if the child decides to rebel against his family and camp outside in 7awalli they’d send Kumar, the dedicated fearful driver, to coercively pick him up *cough* only for the child to be beaten up for his rebellious decision *cough*.. Second the stock finishes so fast. I was in the U.S. during the release dates of Wii/xbox360/ps3. They also made the same big deal before the star wars III movie premiere; I recall them camping outside the cinema for like 2 weeks they even had portable cooking stoves haha!!! I’m pretty sure they did the same thing for the iPhone but I wasn’t there when it was released about a month ago. lol sorry i made this page+history of violence a forum

  8. Hessa said,

    .. It’s a dangerous world , we live in, but Kuwait is not Chicago ^_^ and besides, kids go out with the house maid and sometimes with the driver. It’s the parents. They need to enroll in a parenting school. Most of them, think by providing everything, their children want/ask for, they can be considered as the ideal parents.Your right, mobile phones were created to call and send text messages.. and that’s the main point of having a mobile phine. Other facilities are Extras.. We pay for the brand name and for these extras. 3atrees for a pink … why? >_< .. My baby (.. Phone..) deserves a better name .. 3atress !!!… Tamer is very unique and besides it’s part of the nostalgia feeling towards ‘Tiger Mask’ .. The phone is black, but Ka3bol is a very precious name for a special thing… My dad started calling the phone ‘Tamer’ .. Today, he asked about my Tamrej?? I was thinking .. What does he mean .. Dates?!?! ..

    .. Hehehe .. Sorry, I was telling myself “Where was I, when people camped in Kuwait?!?!” You made laugh ‘D Man’, It’s ture, our spoil kids wouldn’t camp, they would the poor driver ..’Sigh’…Some would go for extreme measures to have 2 hours of entertainment .. You camp for 2 weeks for a movie ?!?! but, at least we wouldn’t talk about them if they didn’t do these things .. Attention seekers ^___^.

    Don’t worry about it, It’s nice to have a healthy + interesting discussion .. Feel free to comment anytime,for anything and about anything…^_^

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