Forever Friends …

June 29, 2007 at 10:10 pm (Personal)

After 1 long year, I met with one of my closest friends.. Samia..

I met Samia 3 years ago, in a Girls-Only students’ accommodation. We didn’t talk, we were eating our dinner. She was laughing and joking with another friend ‘Eunice- Whom I deeply miss as well ‘. We were talking about the cleaning habits of the UK population. Eunice brought up the subject as she scanned the article in the newspaper. From there, a bond was formed, a friendship was born and my family was extended by their arrival.

The wonderful moments that I spent with them was unforgettable and inspiring as well. They were there for me. They made life enjoyable with certain boundaries and limits. I’m grateful for for everything they have done for me. How they helped me geting out of my shell and encourage me to be myself. I learnt a lot by being with them. Sometimes, we do have these moments where we become moody and fed up with everything. With both of them … It’s a different story … They are my sisters ..  Sisters that I wish I had, sisters that I would love to share my life experience with and would treasure them for the rest of my life … Love these 2 … Samia & Eunice ..

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