Foreigner (Non-Kuwaiti) teachers: Is their rights protected in Kuwait ?

June 24, 2007 at 6:16 pm (academic, Kuwait)



I came across this article in Al-Jareeda Newspaper, It’s 2 weeks old, but what’s written is disastrous. Is it really that bad? I know that tier salary is different from their Kuwaiti colleagues, but as far as I know, They do (The teachers) send a large chunk of the salary to their family in their home country which sometime can reach up to 90% of the salary.  I don’t understand why do they complain? Yes, It can be unfair, but that’s they way in every country (Well, Arab Countries, anyway).


The sad part is that is that they (Well, as the article entioned) try to find another afternoon job to pay the bills, Well, you’re the one who send more than half of your salary and don’t save anything , so it’s your fault !!! Private tutition is everywhere and it’s a business rather than providing a service to students to help them succeed.


What do you think? Is it the Ministry of Education fault? or is it a mistake commited by the teachers because they mis-calculated thier allowance ??


  1. EniGma said,

    “if u pay peanuts u get monkeys”.

    ministry’s fault.

  2. Bojacob said,

    Well, whatever the salary may be, it’s still a lot better than the 5kd/month Egypt is paying teachers.

    khal ya7medon rabhom

  3. Hessa said,


    Why do you think it’s the Ministry of Education (MOE) fault? Let’s not forget that we are not talking about teachers who teach in Private schools as their statue is different. The ministry does provide a return ticket each year, they are provided with 3 month’s salary during the summer holidays. They do get their share of fairness, but is the situation, that severe that make them dig for another job in the aftrenoon. How come the MOE is responsible for that?


    I do agree with you, you can live with whatever reasonable salary, you need to spend wisley and to save abit of money rather than blowing it on materials that they do not need. The way you spend your money, is nobody fault except yourself, Why would the MOE be responsible for a teacher’s reckless spending ?

    Thanksfor commenting

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