Special: Science of Stargate SG-1

June 18, 2007 at 8:11 pm (Reviews, TV)

StarGate SG-1 for me is that movie which aired on Kuwait Channel 2 (The English Channel) 6-7 years ago during Eid as it’s a tradition to premiere new movies on the silver screen at this time of the year… Later on, I learned that SG-1 is actually a TV series with a huge fan base across the world that created a cult phenomenon.SG-1 was a remarkable series that didn’t deal with the typical plots and storey lines. It was something on a different level that even scientist themselves acknowledge.

Before the premiere of the final season of StarGate SG-1 (A year ago), A one hour special was produced to celebrate the final season debut on TV. I watched it this evening and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the usual specials that recite the different important incidents from the previous seasons (Like a re-mix without the music), it was discussing the science behind the SG-1 and how scientists and writers can sometimes reach the same conclusion. One professor once mentioned that writes imagine and scientists prove which explain why it might take long years to prove/exclude the possibility of traveling between different universes. In this one-hour special, different science fiction items/devices/weapons or even the possibility of a stargate is being explained in relation to science… I was fascinated about how close the imaginative mind can be to science … I would recommend watching this special as it’s a great watch.

Whether you interest were in science or entertainment, you are going to enjoy it.


  1. Drunk_n_Gorgeous said,

    My older bro is a harcore Strargate SG-1 fan but I can’t seem to get into it. The special sounds interesting though. Although, I assume it will be pretty hard finding it 😛

    Ok I know this is off-topic but have you heard of Battlestar Galactica? It’s also a sci-fi tv show but it has sooo much more. If you ever get the chance, I totally recommend you watch it.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hessa said,

    .. D&G:

    I think if you are into science fiction, you would, without doubt check any TV programme or a movie related to it. The brilliance of SG-1 is the fact that everything or let’s say almost everything minus the aliens, was proven to be possible in theory… The question now is when are we going to see the fruits of the hard work done by our dear scientists? It’s scary to be familiar with that vast universe without being able to figure some of its secrets.

    About the special, I was thinking of uploading it as it’s less than 400MB, maybe some time during the following few days.

    Moving back to ‘Battlestar Galactica’; I anjoyed watching a few episodes but I always felt that it’s a remake of Star Treck… I think it’s a good show though I didn’t felt that connection with the characters…

    Enjoy a nice weekend

  3. Download: The Science of StarGate SG-1 « Chroma-Trauma said,

    […] Last weak, I mentioned the StarGate special that generated a nice buzz in my little growing blog. I decided to upload the special but finding […]

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