Exams are over and results are out !!!

June 15, 2007 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

 I’m so glad hat exams are over and I’m over the moon because I passed them (I knew the results yesterday) and I’m going to be a final year student next year. It’s amazing how your attitude would change and you stop functioning because you realize the fact that I’m going to be final year student. Only one year to go now. I started thinking about my university years since my foundation year and how I matured as a student and as a women. I remember every obstacle I had to go through and I still remember all my sad moments that I thought that I can’t continue and I’m not good enough. Now, Hard Long Years had passed and I’m still the same person with different approach towards life, towards friends and family and towards myself as well. It’s such an amazing journey … I’m so proud myself …. Very proud …


  1. Flippa X said,

    i’ve got one year to go too! what school are you in?

  2. Hessa said,

    Well, I’m doing dentistry, as it’s a five year course .. Hard work but I do treasure every single moment and I’m lucky enough to meet amazing people from the UK and other different countries of Asia & Africa.

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