Home Phone Calls

June 10, 2007 at 12:16 pm (Kuwait, Personal)


As I ‘m waiting for my exam’s results, I tend to call my parents every day approximately just to talk about my fears and worries, and how I need their support and prayers. I might sound like a moaner but who can I turn to, who’s going to listen to me? Who’s going /trying to make me laugh? Who’s going to make me calmer and less edgier by the end of the phone call? My parents, No doubt. I can’t think of somebody else who can take the role except them …. They are always there for and I love them so much that I want-Ensha’allah- to make them proud and happy.. I love you Babati and I love you Mamati and I wish I would have the time to repay that unconditional love and support without complaining for a single day.. I know that I’m not the perfect the daughter , but I know that you are the ideal and perfect parents. I know that I was annoying and grateful sometimes , but I know you that you treasure me just like John Silver protected his Treasure… I love you .. My Gaurdians, my supportors, my amazing parents ( Allah Ya5alekom Li)..

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