A Moroccan with the power to heal

June 9, 2007 at 2:48 pm (News)

It’s annoying when you read every now and then, that somebody found the cure for cancer, another was able to cure 50 AIDS sufferes and so on .. Today in Elaph, they published an article on thier Health page about this man from Morocco who apparently was able to cure cancer patients by touching a bottle of water with his hand and asking them to drink it .. I mean how can people be so idiotic and believe this nonesene.. The funny part is that he had a dream in one night teeling him that he’s going to die soon and he needs to help people frpm his country with his amazing powers … I bet the money was running low while he was dreaming …

Wait a minute the story didn’t finish … His right hand would cure you if you are under a magic spell or if you siffer from a mental defect/ disease ….Intresting , would he go to the mental institute in Casablanka to cure the poor souls in the mental hospital ?? I think they should book him a room there he needs it … Some of you , might ask about the other hand ,,, His left hand apparently heales averything else … He didn’t deny healing few breast cancers patients … Pervert …

It’s such a disgrace that thousands of people travel to his house so he can cure them … We are in the 21st century people …

Check Elaph for the full article

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